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Rainbow Desserts Recipes Ideas

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Collection of rainbow desserts recipes ideas, including rainbow cakes, rainbow cupcakes, rainbow cookies. Great for rainbow party or St.Patricks’ Day party!

I have gathered all the popular rainbow desserts recipes ideas from my blog and put them together in this post.

This way, they are all EASY to find in one place now.

Whether you are looking for rainbow cakes, rainbow cupcakes, rainbow cookies, this collection of simple rainbow desserts has it all!

A lot of these easy COLORFUL dessert recipes can also be modified slightly to make UNICORN desserts recipes.

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In general, rainbow desserts recipes ideas seem to be POPULAR all year but they gain even more popularity during St.Patrick’s Day and rainbow birthday party theme still a super popular!

My son has been asking for rainbow birthday party this year and that means you guys will be seeing even more rainbow treats on the blog soon! heheh.

How to make rainbow desserts?

There are a few ways to do this. You can:

    • Use food coloring (liquid colors or gel colors) to tint/dye frosting, cake batter, cookie dough e.t.c.
    • Use colorful sprinkles in all types of shapes and sizes.
    • Use colorful fondant.
    • Use colored chocolate.
    • Use colorful cereal.
    • Use colorful candies.
  • Use colorful edible markers.

Well, let’s get started…I hope you enjoy this rainbow desserts recipes ideas roundup.

Rainbow and Sprinkles Cake

Rainbow Cereal Balls

Rainbow Fruit Loops Marshmallow Bars

Rainbow Desserts Recipes Ideas 18

Rainbow Twizzler Cake

Graham Cracker Gift Boxes

Mocha Whoopie Pies

Homemade Confetti Sprinkles 

Rainbow Desserts Recipes Ideas 4

Healthy Chocolate Truffles

Rainbow Bow Cookies

Crispy Rainbow Sugar Cookies

Rainbow Flower Cupcakes

Rainbow Desserts Recipes Ideas 26

Funfetti Sugar Cookies (Cut Out Recipe)

Shapes and Colors Birthday Party

Candy Cane Shards Cake

White Chocolate Fudge (2 ingredients)

Rainbow Desserts Recipes Ideas 19

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Funfetti Oreo Brownie Cake

Cake Mix Chocolate M&M Cookies

Tie Dye Shirt Cake

Brownie Kabobs 

Rainbow Desserts Recipes Ideas 6

Fruit Loops Chocolate Cookies

Trix Cereal Cake

Trix Cereal Flower Cupcakes

Sugar Hearts/ Sugar Stars

Rainbow Desserts Recipes Ideas 7

St.Patrick’s day is right around the corner and you can enjoy any of these rainbow desserts recipes ideas. However, here are some specific St.Patrick’s Day desserts, recipes, ideas, inspired by beer, green color and leprechauns.

St.Patrick’s Day Candy Cracker Bites

Rainbow Desserts Recipes Ideas 10

Leprechaun Cake Pops

Rainbow Desserts Recipes Ideas 11

Irish Beer Mug Trifle

Rainbow Desserts Recipes Ideas 12

Marshmallow Kabobs 

Rainbow Desserts Recipes Ideas 13

Well, that’s all for today.

Until next time, tata my lovelies!

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