Cookies and Cream Cake {Oreo Cake}

The best quick and easy tiered no bake Oreo cookies and cream cake recipe, also known as cookie tower cake, homemade with simple ingredients. Loaded with Oreos, buttercream icing, chocolate, sprinkles.

Today’s cake is different than my popular Chocolate Oreo Cake Recipe because this one involves Oreo cookies, being arranged in a tower formation.

Here are all the flavors of Oreos I used: Classic, peanut butter, red velvet, lemon, watermelon, pumpkin, berry. Not all the flavors were a hit with my family and friends but it was super fun to make and serve. Also, this way, people get a chance to try different cookie flavors that they may have seen in the market but weren’t sure if they would like it or not.

Honestly, this cake is so easy to make that even kids can help assemble it with you. They can also get very creative with their decoration.

How to make cookies and cream cake?

  1. Arrange cookies on a cake stand.
  2. Add more layers of cookies, sticking them together with frosting.
  3. Decorate with candies and sprinkles.
  4. Enjoy!
Easy Cookies and Cream Cake Recipe

Cookies and cream cake filling and frosting

I used classic American buttercream frosting but you can use any flavor of icing you like. I think Oreo frosting would be delicious.

If you find classic frosting too sweet but still want a fluffy, “not too sweet” tangy frosting, try this Cream Cheese Frosting.

If you are a chocolate lover, I recommend this Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.

If you like fruit- based frostings, try this Maraschino Cherry Frosting or this Strawberry Buttercream Frosting.


  • Cookies and cream ice cream cake– Use ice cream frosting to stick the cookies together.
  • Cookies and cream birthday cake– Add more sprinkles and use the birthday boy or girl’s favorite candies and favorite cookie flavor. Also, add a small birthday candle on the very top.
  • Make this for weddings and anniversaries- Keep the cake decoration more sophisticated by using fresh fruits and fresh edible flowers, Fondant Flowers or Wafer Paper Flowers.
  • Use other cookies– You don’t have to use Oreos. You can make this cake tower with other store-bought cookies or even use homemade cookies like this Easy Sugar Cookies Recipe (Soft and Chewy) or these Red Velvet Cookies (With Cake Mix) or these Classic Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.The possibilities are endless!
Oreo Cookie Tower Cake

Tips and Techniques

  • Don’t go heavy on the frosting– The main purpose of the frosting it to “glue” the cookies together, as you go up the tier and prevent it from collapsing. If you use too much icing, it looks messy and also it can make the cookies soggy.
  • Make sure you have enough Oreos– Depending on how many tiers you are making and how wide the cake will be, you will need to do some calculations to determine how many cookies you will need. It’s very annoying when you are assembling and realizing you don’t have enough to complete the cake.
  • Store bought vs. Homemade frosting– Either can be used. For convenience, you can just buy it.
  • Use a sturdy cake stand or cake board– This cake will become heavy and make sure that whatever base you are using is strong and can withstand the weight.
Oreo Birthday Cake Recipe

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Easy Cookies and Cream Cake Recipe
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Oreo Cookies and Cream Cake Recipe

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Quick and easy no bake Oreo cookies and cream cake recipe or cookie tower, homemade with simple ingredients. Loaded with Oreos, buttercream, chocolate. 
Yield: 30 People


  • 150 Oreo cookies, Various flavors
  • 2 cups American buttercream frosting
  • 1 cup Candies, Variety, Roughly chopped
  • 2 tbsp Sprinkles, Colorful


  • On a large cake stand, arrange cookies in a circle pattern.
  • Then, arrange another tier of different flavored Oreos on top of this one by sticking cookies together with icing. 
  • Continue doing this until you have 3-4 tiers with multiple Oreo flavors. Each tier should be getting smaller in size, as you go up, similar to a wedding cake.
  • Place the chopped up candy bars randomly all over the cake and around the base too. You can stick them securely on the tiers with melted chocolate or some icing. 
  • Toss sprinkles all over the cake. Enjoy!


  • Read all my tips above.
  • Leftovers can be stored at room temperature for up to 2 days. 


Calories: 382kcal, Carbohydrates: 57g, Protein: 3g, Fat: 15g, Saturated Fat: 5g, Cholesterol: 1mg, Sodium: 308mg, Potassium: 134mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 39g, Vitamin A: 15IU, Vitamin C: 0.1mg, Calcium: 22mg, Iron: 5.3mg
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Calories: 382
Author: Abeer Rizvi

Until next time, tata my lovelies!

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  1. Superb Recipe for Cookies Cake, i will definitely try at our kitchen , thanks for sharing5 stars

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