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Trix Cereal Cake

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Use this step by step cake decorating tutorial to make an easy Trix cereal cake. It’s very pretty and perfect for Spring parties and girls birthday parties.

Cereal can be used for so much more than just breakfast, as shown by this Trix cereal cake!

This is a super EASY cake decorating tutorial, where you don’t need any fondant or cutters or fancy tools.

trix cereal cake 5

This cake is decorated with cereal balls that are arranged in the shape of a FLOWER.

I stuck the cereal flower clusters on the top as well the sides of the cake but I think the top was a little too much and I should have SKIPPED that.

What do you think?

trix cereal cake 6

If you have never decorated a cake in your life, I GUARANTEE you can make this Trix cereal cake!

Better yet, get your KIDS involved and make this cake with them.

Yup… it’s that easy.

I also picked up a few more boxes of cereal this weekend…there are so many DIFFERENT colors, shapes and flavors these days (Wow!)

I have already started sketching cake designs of more easy cakes coz why make a difficult cake, when you make an easy one that’s just as PRETTY? Right? 😉

trix cereal cake 2

To make this Trix cereal cake, you will need the following ingredients and supplies:

Banana chocolate chip cake
Chocolate buttercream icing
Trix cereal
Melted chocolate
Wax paper

And here are the steps:

Step 1:
Open a bag of Trix cereal and separate all the pieces, based on color.

trix cereal cake 15

Step 2:
Drop half a spoonful of melted chocolate on a sheet of wax paper.

trix cereal cake 14

Step 3:
Stick the Trix cereal in the shape of a flower on top of the melted chocolate.
Allow the chocolate to set and harden at room temperature for 20 minutes.

trix cereal cake 11

Step 4:
Repeat steps 1-3 and make cereal flowers in various colors.

trix cereal cake 9

Step 5:
Prepare your cake and frost it in chocolate buttercream.
Use a spatula to give your cake a vertical “stripe-like” design along the sides of the cake and a “circular” design on the top.

trix cereal cake 8

Step 6:
Remove those cereal flowers from the wax paper and stick them randomly all over your cake.
Also, stick some cereal balls all around the base of the cake.
And you are done with your Trix cereal cake.

trix cereal cake 25

Well, that’s all for today.

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Until next time, tata my lovelies!

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