Halloween Marshmallow Pops Cupcakes

Use this step by step tutorial to make cute and easy Halloween marshmallow pops cupcakes. Requires simple ingredients and fun for kids Halloween parties!

I made these Halloween marshmallow pops cupcakes to celebrate y favorite time of the year!

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This year, I am planning to put my little one down for a nap (hopefully a long one) and have scary movie marathon…hehehe.

And while watching my favorite spooky movies, I am gonna be snacking on these Halloween marshmallow pops cupcakes.

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The great thing about these treats is that you don’t need to make cupcakes, if you don’t feel like it.

You can simply make the Halloween marshmallow pops and munch on those.

And trust me, marshmallows taste sooooooo good when they are covered in chocolate!

The inspiration for the Frankenstein marshmallow pops came from my sweet friend, Meaghan, at The decorated cookie.

She makes the most AMAZING marshmallow pops ever, including these Frankenstein ones.

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To make these Halloween marshmallow pop cupcakes, you will need the following INGREDIENTS/SUPPLIES:

Vegan chocolate cupcakes
Chocolate buttercream frosting
Popsicle sticks
Black edible marker
Melted orange, brown, green chocolate
Chocolate sprinkles
Round confetti sprinkles

These are the INSTRUCTIONS:

Step 1:
Push lollipop sticks into marshmallows until they stick into place.

halloween marshmallow pop cupcakes 10

Step 2:
Melt some white chocolate and color it orange or just use orange candy melts.
Dip your marshmallow pop into this melted chocolate until it’s fully covered.
Push these pops into a styrofoam block and wait for the chocolate to dry (it only takes a few minutes).

halloween marshmallow pop cupcakes 11

Step 3:
Use a black edible marker to make the eyes, nose and mouth of these Jack O’ Lantern pops.

halloween marshmallow pop cupcakes 12

Step 4:
To make Frankenstein marshmallow pops, follow step 1 and 2 again but color your chocolate green or use green candy melts.
Let the pops dry.
Then, pour a drop of melted chocolate on top. 

halloween marshmallow pop cupcakes 13

Step 5:
Immediately, dip it into a bowl of chocolate sprinkles.

halloween marshmallow pop cupcakes 14

Step 6:
The sprinkles will stick to the melted chocolate.
Brush off any excess.

halloween marshmallow pop cupcakes 15

Step 7:
Use a black edible marker to make eyes on two round confetti sprinkles.
Dip a toothpick in melted chocolate and use that to stick eyes onto the Frankenstein marshmallow pop.

halloween marshmallow pop cupcakes 16

Step 9:
Use a black edible marker to draw a mouth and stitches along the side of the face.
And you are done!

halloween marshmallow pop cupcakes 17

You can enjoy these marshmallow pops, as is. 

Or you can frost cupcakes in chocolate buttercream and then push these marshmallow pops in the center, just like cupcake toppers.

Well, that’s all for today.

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Until next time, tata my lovelies!

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  1. These look amazing. Can’t wait to try them! They look easy to make using the decorator pens. Thanks for sharing!

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