How to Make Filled Cupcakes

Use this video tutorial to learn how to fill cupcakes easily with puddings, jams, frosting and even ganache. No expensive tools needed!

Today, I will be showing you how to fill cupcakes.

It’s a neat little trick and truly the RIGHT way to eat cupcakes.

A cupcake that’s packed with a creamy filling and topped off with silky smooth frosting is to die for…Mmmmm.

how to fill cupcakes 01

You can FILL cupcakes with puddings, caramel, frostings, ganache and even jams and preserves.

I have two pieces of ADVICE though…

– If you are planning on using “runny” fillings like jams, puddings and caramel, be sure to fill your cupcakes less than an hour before serving or else they would become a soggy mess.

– Also, it’s best to avoid runny fillings if your cupcakes will be exposed to heat at outdoor parties or weddings.

how to fill cupcakes 2

Now, there are many DIFFERENT ways to fill cupcakes.

Some people like to use a special long piping tip.

Other people like to use apple and tomato corers.

But, my FAVORITE way requires NO fancy tools at all and it’s super EASY!

how to fill cupcakes with caramel

Follow along this VIDEO tutorial to learn my easy trick for filling cupcakes.

To learn how to fill cupcakes, just follow the video tutorial above OR  follow these instructions below…

Step 1:
Make a  hollow center in your cupcake, using a big cake decorating tip such as Tip#1M.

Step 2:
Fill the cupcake with a few spoonfuls of whatever filling you like.

Step 3:
Cover the top with that small cupcake piece you had removed earlier.

Step 4:
Finally, top it all off with a swirl of frosting.

And you are done!

Easy peezy…Wouldn’t you agree?

In case you are wondering, here’s a list of all the cupcake/ frosting recipes I used in this post…

Chocolate cupcakes, Vanilla cupcakes, Buttercream icing, Chocolate buttercream icing.

how to fill cupcakes 4

Well, that’s all for today.

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Until next time, tata my lovelies!

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  1. There’s an easier way to fill a cupcake without having to cut out the middle. Just fill a piping bag with the desired filling and using a #12 tip, poke the tip into the cupcake and squeeze. That’s it.

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