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How to Make Fondant Flower Cake

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Learn how to make easy fondant flower cake with a polka dot design, using basic tools. It’s great for girls birthday parties or even Spring wedding parties.

I have a mad OBSESSION with polka dots, which resulted in this polka dot fondant flower cake as well as this abstract polka dot cake from a few years ago.

I made a mini cake but you can make more fondant flowers and use them to make a tier fondant flower cake too.

This cake would be GREAT for birthdays parties, Spring parties, wedding parties. 

I was actually planning on making fondant ruffle flower cake but I was too lazy to bring out my rolling tool and make all those ruffles…heheh.

Polka Dot Fondant Flower Cake

Honestly, you DON’T have to be intimidated by cake decorating any more because these simple instructions for fondant flowers for beginner will knock your socks off.

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Also, have ever wondered how to make fondant flowers with cutters? How to make fondant flowers for wedding cakes? How to make fondant flower cake topper? How to make fondant icing flowers by hand?

Well, today’s tutorial will answer ALL those questions!

How to Make Fondant Flower Cake

To make this fondant flower cake topper, you would need the following SUPPLIES:

Pink fondant or gum paste
White fondant or gum paste
Round tip (Wilton # 12)
Flower cutter
Blue sugar crystals
Rolling pin
Water or corn syrup

Here are the INSTRUCTIONS:

Step 1: Roll out pink fondant.
Step 2: Roll out white fondant.
Step 3: Use your round tip to make small circle pieces and place them on top of the pink fondant.
Step 4: Once you have enough, flatten these circles with a rolling pin.
Step 5: Use your flower cutter to cut out a piece and place it on a flower-forming cup.
Step 6: For the center, make a small ball of white fondant and flatten it slightly.
Step 7: Brush some water or corn syrup on this white ball and roll it in blue sugar crystals until the ball is fully coated.
Step 8: Use scissors to cut the stamens into half inch pieces.
Step 9: Push these pieces individually along the sides of this sparkly blue ball.
Step 10: Brush some water or corn syrup in the center of your flower and stick your sparkly blue ball here.
Step 11: Let this flower dry overnight and then use them on top of your cakes and cupcakes.

Here are some more DETAILS about this cake:

  • This was a small 4 inch round orange cake.
  • It was frosted it in light blue Cooked flour buttercream (Ermine frosting).
  • I used a spatula to make a vertical pattern along the sides of the cake and a star tip to make a big swirl on the top.
  • Finally, I topped it off with an ADORABLE pink and white polka dot flower.

Easy Fondant Flowers

Well, that’s all for today.

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Until next time, tata my lovelies!

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  1. G’day! Not sure I can do but I AM inspired to try! Thank you!
    Cheers! Joanne

  2. Soooo pretty, I’ve been enjoying all your lovely cakes but this has to be my favourite so far. I’ve gone a bit pinning made, you have such lovely ideas.

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