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Easy Beach Cake

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Use this step by step tutorial to make an easy beach cake that’s perfect for Summer. It’s decorated with homemade chocolate seashells and brown sugar sand.

It’s been such a GLOOMY and RAINY Summer but this easy beach cake is sure to brighten your spirits!

Miraculously, a few days ago, the sun was FINALLY out and SHINING brightly.

So, we went to the beach and had a BLAST, splashing in the clear blue water.

My little one DIDN’T even want to leave…he’s such a water baby.

easy beach cake 7

On the drive back, I told my hubby that I have an AWESOME idea for a Summer cake.

Hubby just gave me that FUNNY look and said: “I thought so and I am sure it has something to do with the beach!”

He knows me so well…LOL.

easy beach cake 3

Anyways, everything I saw at the beach INSPIRED me to make this easy beach cake.

It’s a tall double barrel cake, covered in blue frosting that represents the sea.

I topped it off with homemade chocolate SEASHELLS and brown sugar to represent the SAND.

I also tossed some edible pearls all over the cake, just to JAZZ it up a little.

This is one of those EASY cakes that even non-cake decorators can make!

I made the chocolate seashells, using a chocolate mold.

But you can also BUY them from some chocolate stores …they are kinda PRICEY though.

So, I suggest making them yourself…Those molds are usually LESS than 5 bucks and sold on Amazon.

easy beach cake 4

To make this easy beach cake, you will need the following ingredients and supplies:

Crazy wacky depression cake
Blue buttercream icing
White edible pearls
Brown sugar
Melted white chocolate
Squeeze bottle
Seashell chocolate mold
Golden and silver edible sprays

– I made 2 round cakes and each cake had dimensions of 6×3.

And here are the steps:

Step 1:
Bake the cakes and allow them to cool down to room temperature.
Then, stack them on top of one another and frost the entire cake in blue buttercream icing.
Use a spatula to make a spiral design on top of the cake.

easy beach cake 14

Step 2:
Toss some brown sugar on top of the cake.

easy beach cake 13

Step 3:
Toss some brown sugar near the base of the cake as well.
Also, stick some edible pearls around the cake.

easy beach cake 10

Step 4:
Now, melt white chocolate and pour it in a squeeze bottle.
Squeeze the melted chocolate into the cavities of your seashell mold.
Place this tray in the freezer for 15 minutes or until the chocolate hardens.

easy beach cake 12

Step 5:
Then, turn the mold gently onto a tray lined with wax paper and the chocolate shells with just pop out.
Spray the chocolate shells with golden and silver color mist.
Allow the color to dry for 15-20 minutes.

easy beach cake 11

Step 6:
Then, place the shells on top of your cake.
And you are done!

easy beach cake 19

Well, that’s all for today.

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Until next time, tata my lovelies!

11 comments on “Easy Beach Cake”

  1. Beautiful cake. I was looking for a cake to make for a bridal shower for a bride who will be married on the beach. This was perfect. I made a chocolate version and filled it with raspberry and a white version and filled it with pineapple filling. Your icing was perfect. The cake was easy to make and decorate and looked so professional when done. Everyone was suitably impressed. Thank you!

  2. How do you get the design on the side of the cake?

  3. OMG…loved this idea. I made a rectangular 9×13 cake for my daughter’s baby shower. She and her hubby have a cabin on Whidbey Island and love going to the beach there.  I had some metal seashells that looked to be the right size.  So I used them instead of making chocolate ones. I made a carrot cake and cream cheese frosting. Had to improvise a bit compared to the full coverage of the round cake. Everybody thought it was spectacular. And I’m not the artsy cake decorating type…thanks so much for this clever idea!5 stars

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