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How to Make Blue Ombre Cake

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Easy cake decorating tutorial to make blue ombre cake. This technique involves gradual change in color of frosting, fondant, cake batter from dark to light.

I first saw an ombre cake about three years ago in a magazine and ever since, I have wanted to make a blue ombre cake.

I had no idea that these cakes would become such a HOT cake decorating trend! They are still so popular and I DON’T see their popularity dying down anytime soon.

You might this think is a difficult cake but in reality, it is a very easy cake. It’s a simple round cake that’s covered in white fondant and the top is decorated with an ombre arrangement of blue fondant petals.

Blue Ombre Cake Tutorial and Recipe

What is an ombre cake?

For those of you who don’t know what ombre cakes are, they are basically cakes which are decorated in VARYING shades of the same color, graduating from dark to light. The interior cake batter is also ombre colored to match the exterior ombre decoration in frosting or fondant.

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What is crumb coat on a cake?

It’s a thin layer of frosting done on the cake to seal all the stray crumbs. Then, it’s chilled to hold all the crumbs together before it’s covered in a final coat of frosting and fondant.

How to make ombre cake batter?

  1. Prepare regular vanilla cake batter and divide it into 3 mixing bowls.
  2. Color each batter a different shade of blue.
  3. Pour batter into separate pans and bake.
  4. Allow the cakes to cool down completely and then do the ombre buttercream or fondant technique.

Ombre cake frosting

Typically, this is just white vanilla buttercream frosting that’s tinted in varying shades of one color (from dark to light).

Ombre cake recipe from scratch

Even though you can use a yellow cake mix, you can also use any vanilla cake or yellow cake recipe from scratch. This sour cream pound cake recipe is awesome!

How to Make Ombre Cake

Ombre cake technique/ ombre cake tutorial:

You can do the ombre decoration, using buttercream frosting or even fondant.

Frosting technique:

  1. Frost and stack the cakes and crumb coat it in white buttercream.
  2. Use a toothpick to to divide the side of the cake into 3 parts.
  3. Frost the bottom portion in dark blue frosting.
  4. Frost the middle portion in a medium shade of blue frosting.
  5. Frost the top portion in a light shade of blue frosting. Basically, you start frosting your way up the sides of the cake from the darkest shade to the lightest shade.
  6. Similarly, use 3 varying shades of blue frosting to ice the top of the cake. Start from the outer edge of the cake with the light shade and frost your way inwards with the darker shades.

Fondant technique:

  1. Frost and stack the cakes and crumb coat it in white buttercream.
  2. Cover the cake in white fondant.
  3. Prepare 3 varying shades of blue fondant and use a cookie cutter to cut out pieces.
  4. Stick them on top of the cake or side of the cake with frosting, working your way from the darkest shade to the lightest shade. I used blue fondant petals to decorate the top of the cake into an ombre flower.

What is Ombre Cake With Tutorial

Variations of  ombre cakes:

  • Chocolate ombre cake– Prepare chocolate cake batter with varying amounts of cocoa powder to make a gradient of brown shades. Use varying shades of brown gel coloring in the frosting and/or fondant too.
  • Blue ombre cake– Use varying shades of blue gel coloring in the cake batter, frosting and/or fondant.
  • Pink ombre cake/ rose ombre cake– Use varying shades of pink gel coloring in the cake batter, frosting and/or fondant.
  • Purple ombre cake– Use varying shades of purple gel coloring in the cake batter, frosting and/or fondant.
  • Green ombre cake-Use varying shades of green gel coloring in the cake batter, frosting and/or fondant.
  • Rainbow ombre cake– Color cake batter, frosting and/or fondant in all the colors of the rainbow.

Other cake recipes/ tutorials:


Ingredients/ Supplies for Ombre Cake:

Instructions for ombre cake:

  1. Make three balls of white fondant.
  2. Color each ball a different shade of blue (dark, medium and light).
  3. Roll out your fondant and use a petal cutter to cut out lots of petal shapes in all three shades of blue fondant.
  4. Let the pieces air dry and harden overnight.
  5. Prepare your cake and frost it in icing and cover it in white fondant.
  6. Then, use royal icing or buttercream icing to stick the dark blue petal pieces around the top (outer edge) of the cake. We will work our way from the outside to the inside.
  7. Now, use icing to stick the medium shade of blue petals in a circular formation.
  8. Finally, stick the lightest colored petals in a circular formation and stick a big white edible pearl in the center and you are done!

Until next time, tata my lovelies!

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