One eyed spider donettes

Now that my son is an active toddler, I try to keep him BUSY…

One way that seems to be working WELL for me is getting him INVOLVED in whatever I am doing.

He PLAYS with my stash of candies, frostings and tools while I work on something for my little blog :)

I just make sure to move any sharp objects away from him reach.

I POINT out colors and shapes to him. I even POINT out different items on the table.

He tries to repeat whatever I am doing and saying, which is ADORABLE! :D

Obviously, having him “HELP” means a big MESS for me to clean up but it’s WORTH it :D

My little cutie was quite the little helper when we made these easy donette spiders. 

He was STICKING those little Twizzler legs anywhere he wanted and he was even trying to draw eyeballs on gumballs…hehe.

But, shortly after…

He got PISSED coz I wouldn’t let him eat those gumballs (he doesn’t know how to chew gum yet…lol).

And that’s when I knew happy hour was OVER…hahah! 

To make them, you will need the following supplies: 

Red Twizzlers
Donettes or mini donuts
Red gum balls
Black edible marker

And here are the steps:

Step 1:
Use your scissors to cut thin strips of Twizzlers. 
They should be about 2 inches long. 

Step 2:
Push 3 strips of Twizzlers on one side of the donette and 3 on the other side of the donette. 

Step 3:
Push red gum ball in the center of your donette.
Use a black edible marker to draw an eye ball. 

And you are done!

Well, that’s all for today.

Until next time, take care my lovelies :) 

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