Halloween Rolo Chocolate Spiders

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make cute Rolo chocolate spiders for Halloween. Easy and fun to make and it’s a kid-friendly activity.

I have been so eager to share these Halloween Rolo chocolate spiders with all of you.

I felt like Halloween WASN’T getting here soon enough…lol.

But now that it’s only ONE day away, I am so pumped and totally prepared! YAYYYY!

halloween rolo chocolate spiders 1
I have bought TONNES of candies to give away…

And I have even bought the most ADORABLE teddy bear costume ever for my little one!

While “sampling” all the candies, I came up with this cute chocolate spider idea.

It’s a great last minute treat to make with your kids on Halloween.

These little cuties are so much FUN to make and very EASY too!

halloween rolo chocolate spiders 2

Real spiders are freakin SCARY but these chocolate spiders are SUPER cute!

halloween rolo chocolate spiders 4

To make these Halloween Rolo chocolate spiders, you will need the following SUPPLIES:

Black Twizzlers
Wax paper
Black edible marker
White chocolate chips
Rolo candies

These are the INSTRUCTIONS:

Step 1:
Cut Twizzlers into small pieces, using scissors.
Make sure they are about the same size.
These will be the spider’s legs.

halloween rolo chocolate spiders 10 Step 2:
Prepare the eyes now.
Draw black circles on 2 chocolate chips, using a black edible marker.
Keep these aside for now…

halloween rolo chocolate spiders 16

Step 3:
Assemble 6 Twizzler pieces (as shown in this picture) on wax paper.
Keep this aside for now…

halloween rolo chocolate spiders 17

Step 4:
Let’s put everything together now!
Squeeze melted chocolate in the center of those Twizzler legs.
Stick a Rolo candy on top of the melted chocolate.
Finally, stick those 2 eyes on top of the Rolo candy with some melted chocolate.

halloween rolo chocolate spiders 18

And you are done!

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Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. I could eat 1000 of these. They are so cute!!!

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