Mini Love Letter Cakes

Use this step-by-step tutorial to make easy mini love letter cakes. Great for Anniversaries or Valentine’s day and can even be used as Wedding party favors.

I am a sucker for those old ROMANTIC flicks, which inspired me to make these mini love letter cakes.

I find handwritten love letters so SWEET and personal! 🙂

But, in this day and age, emails have REPLACED those love letters… *sighs* 🙁

And seriously, I DON’T find anything romantic about reading emails! :S

mini love letter cakes 4

With actual letters, you can add your own PERSONAL touch…


ebook by cakewhiz

Spray some perfume on it, draw on it or even KISS it, wearing your favorite lipstick so that it leaves a kiss mark…


See what I mean?! 🙂

mini love letter cakes 2

Anyways, I was INSPIRED by those classic love letters to make these mini love letter cakes.

These would be so GREAT to serve on Anniversaries and Valentine’s day or they can even be used as Wedding party favors.

mini love letter cakes 3

I kept the decoration very SIMPLE and used red and pink heart sprinkles but you can also try using stamps.

They are cheap and EASY to use on fondant.

mini love letter cakes 8

I used my favorite chocolate cake and buttercream icing recipe for this project.

I added all the details with white marshmallow fondant, knife indentations and heart shaped sprinkles.

mini love letter cakes 7

To make these mini love letter cakes, you will need the following supplies:

Chocolate cake
White buttercream icing
White marshmallow fondant
Strawberry jam (Seedless)
Heart sprinkles

And here are the steps:

Step 1:
Prepare your chocolate cake in a rectangular pan.
Cut it in half and fill it with buttercream icing.
Then, use a sharp knife to cut small even sized rectangular pieces.

Chilling the cake for an hour really makes slicing easier.

mini love letter cakes 16

Step 2:
Spread a thin coating of seedless strawberry jam on top each rectangular cake piece.

mini love letter cakes 15

Step 3:
Roll out white fondant.
Place the jam-side down onto the fondant.

mini love letter cakes 13

Step 4:
Cut off excess fondant around the cake with a knife.

mini love letter cakes 12

Step 5:
Gently press the knife on top of the fondant to indent all the envelope details.

mini love letter cakes 11

Step 6:
Stick a small heart sprinkle in the center, using a dab of frosting.

mini love letter cakes 10

And you are done!

mini love letter cakes 18

Well, that’s all for today.

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Until next time, tata my lovelies 🙂


  1. RavieNomNoms

    May 5, 2015 at 7:43 am

    These are SO adorable! I just love them to death!

    A close girlfriend of mine, we still write letters to each other. It may not be love letters, but I love the idea of it 🙂

    1. Abeer Rizvi

      May 7, 2015 at 12:13 am

      Thank god there’s someone else who also agrees with me! I adore letter writing… one of my best friends and I still send each other handwritten letters too. It’s always so much fun to read them! 🙂

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