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Candy Filled Love Letters

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These candy filled love letters are fun, easy to make and perfect for Valentine’s day. You can fill them with candies or poems or even confetti!

I am NOT a very crafty person but I thought these candy filled love letters turned out very cute and I wanted to share them with you.

I FILLED these envelopes with red m&m candies.

But, you can fill them with OTHER candies too.

candy filled love letters 5

Putting a single heart shaped chocolate would be a NICE idea too!

Consider hiding a cute little poem inside these envelopes and then SNEAK them into the kiddos lunch boxes?!

The kids are going to get such a KICK out of that!

candy filled love letters 1

It’s a FUN and EASY craft to do with little ones and I BET you already have all the supplies at home.

Some construction paper, scissors, glue, a stapler, some red candies is pretty much ALL you need!

By the way, INSTEAD of the little yellow paper heart that I glued on these envelopes, you can just stick a heart shaped sticker or even a little button.

That would be ADORABLE!

I kept these envelopes very SIMPLE but, feel free to go WILD!

Try different colors and textures of craft papers…

Draw or paint on these envelopes…

Or even use stamps on them!

candy filled love letters 7

To make these candy filled love letters, you will need the following SUPPLIES:

Yellow construction paper or craft paper
Pink construction paper or craft paper
Red m&m candies

These are the INSTRUCTIONS:

Step 1:
Use scissors to cut out a house shape out of pink construction paper/crafting paper.

candy filled love letters 32

Step 2:
Fold the pink house shape, as shown in this picture and staple the sides.
Fill the little pocket with red candies.

candy filled love letters 31

Step 3:
Use scissors to cut out a small heart shape out of yellow construction paper/crafting paper.

candy filled love letters 33

Step 4:
Fold the top triangular flap and stick the heart piece in the center, using some glue. Enjoy!

candy filled love letters 30

Well, that’s all for today.

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Until next time, tata my lovelies!

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  1. Oh my… this is just the sweetest idea! Love it!

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