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Father’s Day Tool Box Cake

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Use this step-by-step tutorial to make an easy tool box cake. It’s great for all the handymen and perfect for Father’s day.

Today’s Father’s Day tool box cake idea came together very FAST when I was at Home Depot looking for paint colors…lol.

As soon as I got home, I quickly SKETCHED this design and thought: “This would be perfect for Father’s Day!”

tool box cake tutorial 1

Sometimes, a cake is simpler on paper than in reality.

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UNFORTUNATELY, this cake falls under that category.

Do you see that tool box on top of the cake???

I initially THOUGHT that would be the easiest thing to make on this cake coz I had a tool box mold to help me.

But my God…it was a ROYAL PAIN IN THE TUSH! 

tool box cake tutorial 2

I am partly to blame here coz the mold I used works GREAT for making CHOCOLATE tools/tool box.

It’s NOT meant to be used with fondant/ gum paste!

But CRAZY me… I used gum paste instead of chocolate.

Gum paste worked GREAT for making tools!

HOWEVER, the tool box kept breaking whenever I tried removing it from those pesky mold cavities…AHHH!

So, I IMPROVISED and did something else… You can check out what I did in the steps below.

tool box cake tutorial 4

NOTE: For those who are wondering why I used gum paste instead of chocolate…. I did that because I was going to paint all the details of the tools/tool box black and silver. Since I haven’t had any luck with painting chocolate, I went with gum paste which is very easy to paint. 

To make this tool box cake, you will need the following SUPPLIES:
Round chocolate cake
Chocolate buttercream icing
Brown marshmallow fondant
Yellow marshmallow fondant
Tool box mold (CK brand, item number is 90-14668)
CK Nu-Silver luster dust
Wax paper
Rolling pin
Black edible marker
Pizza cutter
These are the INSTRUCTIONS:
Step 1:
Bring out your tool box chocolate mold. 

tool box cake tutorial 6

Step 2:
I made the tool box first.
To do that, rub some shortening in the cavities. 

tool box cake tutorial 7

Step 3:
Press some yellow gum paste into the cavity for the lid of your tool box.

tool box cake tutorial 8

Step 4:
Use your fingers to smooth it out until the entire cavity is filled up. 
Some of the gum paste will “ooze” out but don’t worry about it. 

tool box cake tutorial 9

Step 5:
Then, gently peel your gum paste from the cavity and place it on a sheet of wax paper.
All the details from the cavity should have gotten embossed onto your gum paste.
Use a sharp knife to cut out the sides and you will end up with a rectangle. 

tool box cake tutorial 10

Step 6:
Measure the sides of that piece from Step 5.
Now, roll out some yellow gum paste and cut out the relevant sizes for the sides of this tool box.
Allow these pieces to dry for 24 hours. 

tool box cake tutorial 11

Step 7:
Picture unavailable…

After the previous step, I stopped taking pics of the tool box coz I was annoyed and frustrated :S 
But, all I did was use some gum paste glue to stick all the pieces together and then paint all the details.
I used a fine tip black edible marker for all the black details.
For silver details, I mixed some clear vanilla extract with CK Nu-Silver luster dust and used that to paint silver where needed. 

Step 8:
To make tools, rub some shortening into the cavities. 

tool box cake tutorial 12

Step 9:
Place a chunk of yellow gum paste into the cavity and start pressing with your fingers.

tool box cake tutorial 13

Step 10:
Flip the mold and press down until the mold is lying flat on your table.
Don’t worry… that yellow chunk will not come out…

tool box cake tutorial 15

Step 11:
Flip your mold back again.
Gently, peel your gum paste out of the cavity and place it on a sheet of wax paper. 

tool box cake tutorial 16

Step 12:
Use a sharp knife or exacto knife to cut out all the excess and smooth out all the sides and corners with your fingers. 

tool box cake tutorial 17

Step 13:
Once again, use a fine tip black edible marker to draw out all the black details.
And to add silver details, mix clear vanilla extract and CK Nu-Silver luster dust and paint silver where needed. 
Make as many tools as you need.
Allow them to dry for 24 hours.  

tool box cake tutorial 18

Step 14:
To make a measuring tape border around the cake, roll out some yellow fondant in a long and thin irregular strip.  

tool box cake tutorial 19

Step 15:
Use a pizza cutter to cut out a thin strip (about 1 inch wide and long enough to wrap the base of your cake completely)

Tip: Use a ruler to help you cut an even strip.

tool box cake tutorial 20

Step 16:
Now, frost your chocolate cake in buttercream icing.
Cover it in brown fondant. I did the marbling technique, which gave this cake a bit more “character.”
Brush some water around the base of the cake and and stick your measuring tape.

Add all the numerical details with a fine tip black edible marker.  

tool box cake tutorial 21

Now, just place your tool box and tools on top of the cake and you are done with this tool box cake!

Until next time, tata my lovelies!

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  1. It was the best cake ever for my dads birthday. I did two layered cake.5 stars

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