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Two Peas in a Pod Cake

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Use this step-by-step tutorial to make a cute two peas in a pod cake topper. Great for baby showers! You can make it with fondant or gum paste.

Today, I will be taking a BREAK from Fall/Thanksgiving posts and sharing this CUTE two peas in a pod cake.

This cake is a fine example of CUTENESS x 1 MILLION! lol!

I made a boy pea and a girl pea but if you already know the gender of the babies, you can make them the same color.

Also, if you make a SMALLER version of these two peas in a pod cake toppers, you can easily use them as cupcake toppers too.

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two peas in a pod cake 2

I have seen MANY variations of these pods…Some looked easy and some looked downright complicated.

This one is very simple and even if you are a BEGINNER, you can make this cake.

This two peas in a pod cake cake would be great for many occasions:

  • Baby’s 6 month or half birthday party (Yes, some people do celebrate that milestone!).
  • Baby shower parties.
  • Pregnancy announcement parties, especially for twins or triplets.
  • Arrival of the baby party (What Mom would not like coming home from the hospital to this cake with her new bundle of joy???)

two peas in a pod cake 1

To make this two peas in a pod cake topper, you will need the following supplies:

Classic sour cream pound cake
Mango frosting
Green marshmallow fondant
Blue marshmallow fondant
Red or pink marshmallow fondant
Green sprinkles
Circle cutter
Easy fondant flowers
Black edible marker
Rolling pin

If you want this topper to dry quickly, you can use gumpaste or 50/50.

And here are the steps:

Step 1:
Roll out green fondant and use a circle cutter to cut out a piece.

two peas in a pod cake 17

Step 2:
Roll a red and blue ball (should be the same size).
Brush some water in the center of the circle and stick the two balls here.

two peas in a pod cake 18

Step 3:
Fold the circle piece and pinch the sides.

two peas in a pod cake 19

Step 4:
Use a black edible marker to draw all the facial details.
Let this air dry and harden overnight.
Your two peas in a pod cake topper is ready.

two peas in a pod cake 20

Step 5:
Let’s make vines now…
Roll thin green fondant ropes.
Wrap them around your paintbrush to create different sizes of vines.

two peas in a pod cake 22

Step 6:
Carefully, remove them from the paintbrush and place them on wax paper.
Let them air dry and harden.

two peas in a pod cake 23

Step 7:
Bake your cake, fill it and frost it in mango frosting.
Stick some green sprinkles all over the cake.
Place your two peas in a pod topper on top of the cake.
Stick the green vines and little red flowers.
And you are done!

two peas in a pod cake 3

Well, that’s all for today.

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Until next time, tata my lovelies 🙂

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  1. Hello,

    I’m a new blogger, and I’m doing a post on themes for a twin baby shower. One of the themes is “two peas in a pod” I’d love to include a link to this tutorial in the post. Is that okay with you? You can email me directly if you prefer.

    Thank you! Great post 🙂

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