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Easy Eyeball Cake Tutorial

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Learn to make an easy eyeball cake in this step-by-step tutorial. Great for serving at Halloween parties or make mini eyeball cakes as party favors.

I finally made an eyeball cake, in light of the fact that Halloween is LESS than a week away now…. YIPPEEE!

Making this cake has been on my “TO DO” list for ages!

easy eyeball cake tutorial 2

Every year, I think of making it BUT some other idea pops into my head and this eyeball cake just takes a back seat.

Well…NOT this year!

I finally rolled up my sleeves and got to work..YAY!

easy eyeball cake tutorial 7

I THOUGHT it was going to be hard to make and take me hours to complete.

But it turned out to be surprisingly EASY and took me LESS than an hour to decorate!

It might have taken me less time because I made a mini eyeball cake but you can make a big one too, using the same instructions.

easy eyeball cake tutorial 3

Btw, my little one was TERRIFIED of this cake.

I have never heard him say “NO” to eating cake…lol.

But, he REFUSED to eat this one and was ready to piss his diapers, every time I offered him a slice…lol.

Poor little cutie! heheh.

easy eyeball cake tutorial 4

After I made the cake, I placed it on a small dish, filled with seedless strawberry jam to make it look like BLOOD.

But, the jam WASN’T very red.

So, I mixed in some red gel coloring and problem SOLVED!

It looks so CREEPY…. right?!

Initially, I WASN’T gonna draw any veins on the eyeballs.

But, when I stepped back to look at it, the eyeball DIDN’T look creepy enough.

And come on! This cake is for Halloween…it needs to be CREEPY!

So,  I drew these random veins all around the eyeball with red and black edible markers.

The end result was SPOOK-TACULAR!

easy eyeball cake tutorial 9

To make this cake, you will need the following supplies:

Dome cake (Pink velvet cake)
Seedless red strawberry jam
Red gel coloring
Buttercream icing
White marshmallow fondant
Light blue marshmallow fondant
Black marshmallow fondant
Black edible marker
Red edible marker
Rolling pin
Small circle cutter
Big circle butter
Pizza cutter

And here are the steps:

Step 1:
Roll out white fondant.

easy eyeball cake tutorial 18

Step 2:
Cover your dome cake with buttercream icing.
Then, cover it in white fondant.
Cut off excess fondant around the cake with a pizza cutter.

easy eyeball cake tutorial 17

Step 3:
Roll out light blue fondant.
Cut out a big circle piece.

easy eyeball cake tutorial 16

Step 4:
Brush some water on the side of the cake.
And stick the blue circular piece here.

easy eyeball cake tutorial 15

Step 5:
Roll out black fondant.
And cut out a small circle piece (I used a small decorating tip because that was the perfect size).

easy eyeball cake tutorial 14

Step 6:
Brush some water in the center of the blue circular piece.
Stick the black circular piece here.

easy eyeball cake tutorial 13

Step 7:
Use a red edible marker to draw random veins on the white portion of the eyeball.

easy eyeball cake tutorial 12

Step 8:
Use a black edible marker to draw random veins on the blue portion of the eyeball.

easy eyeball cake tutorial 11

Step 9:
Finally, mix some red gel coloring into seedless strawberry jam until it becomes bright red, like blood.
Spread it randomly on a small dish.

easy eyeball cake tutorial 10

Step 10:
Place your eyeball cake in the center.
And you are done!

easy eyeball cake tutorial 20

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Well, that’s all for today.

Until next time, tata my lovelies!

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