My husband was on my blog today and all of a sudden, he asked me: "Hey Abeer... how come you didn't do a post on that basket?"

Me: "HUH? What basket?"

Him: "You know the one with all those yellow flowers?"

Me: "OMG! You are right...I totally forgot!"

Ain't my husband the SWEETEST? He remembers everything I make...heheheh :P

After our little conversation, I went scouring through my folders and FOUND the pictures :)

I am USUALLY very hard on my work and tend to find every little flaw BUT not today ;)

I just LOVE this basket, especially the "weave" pattern. It just makes it look so REAL! :D  

I used modeling chocolate to make this but you can EASILY use brown colored fondant.

You can find my modeling chocolate recipe HERE.

And you can find my marshmallow fondant recipe HERE.

The full tutorial with step-by-step pictures is available on CakeJournal. You can check it out HERE.

Well, that's all for today.

Take care my lovelies and enjoy the rest of this weekend :)

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