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Easy Wafer Paper Flowers

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Use this step-by-step tutorial to make easy wafer paper flowers. Ready in just 5 minutes! Great for decorating cakes and cupcakes!

Today, I will be showing you how to make super EASY wafer paper flowers.

If you happen to be one of those people who HATES making fondant or gum paste flowers because they are so HARD to make and take forever, then you should makes these ones!

how to make easy wafer paper flowers 7

Btw, wafer papers are my latest OBSESSION! 😉

They are so EASY to use.

You can COLOR them with petal dust or even buy pre-colored sheets online.

You can also CUT them easily with scissors and stick the pieces together with corn syrup or very little water.

how to make easy wafer paper flowers 5

I have seen some cake decorators make GORGEOUS wafer paper flowers like peonies and ranunculus but those take some time.

The flower that I am sharing with you today is so easy that it’s ready in about FIVE minutes!!!

It’s kind of a FANTASY flower and  also has a BOLD effect to it since I outlined each petal with a black edible marker.

how to make easy wafer paper flowers 1

I also drew an ABSTRACT design on the cake with a black edible marker and tied a blue/yellow ribbon around the base of the cake to give it a pop of color.

And voila!

how to make easy wafer paper flowers 2

To make these easy wafer paper flowers, you will need the following supplies/ ingredients:

Round mango cake (Dimensions: 8×4)
Buttercream icing
White marshmallow fondant
Wafer paper
Corn syrup
Black edible marker
Big white edible pearl
Blue petal dust
Pink petal dust
Blue and yellow ribbons

And here are the steps:

Step 1:
Use a pencil to draw petal shapes on a sheet of wafer paper.
Draw 6 big petals and 6 smaller petals.

easy wafer paper flowers 15

Step 2:
Use scissors to cut out all the petal shapes.

easy wafer paper flowers 16

Step 3:
Brush pink petal dust on 3 big and 3 small petals.
Brush blue petal dust on 3 big and 3 smaller petals.

easy wafer paper flowers 17

Step 4:
Outline each petal with black edible marker.

easy wafer paper flowers 18

Step 5:
Use very little corn syrup to stick 1 big blue petal and 1 big pink petal together.

easy wafer paper flowers 19

Step 6:
Continue to stick the big petals together in alternating colors, using very little corn syrup.
You will end up with a big wafer paper flower like this…

easy wafer paper flowers 21

Step 7:
Now, stick the smaller petals in a similar flower formation on top of the big flower and you will end up with something like this…

easy wafer paper flowers 23

Step 8:
Stick a big edible pearl in the center of the flower with very little corn syrup.
Allow the syrup to dry for a few hours.

easy wafer paper flowers 25

Step 9:
Then, stick the wafer paper flower on the side of your fondant covered cake, using corn syrup.
Use black edible marker to draw an abstract design.
Wrap the base of the cake with ribbons.
And you are done making a beautiful cake with easy wafer paper flowers!

easy wafer paper flower cake 01

Well, that’s all for today.

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Until next time, tata my lovelies!

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