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Father’s Day Handyman Tools Cupcakes

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Use this step by step tutorial to make Father’s day handyman tools cupcakes. Fun and easy to make with kids, using fondant and candy molds!

I think these Father’s Day handyman tools cupcakes are adorable to serve to your Dads and Grand Dads!

My tool box cake from a few years ago INSPIRED the design for these cupcakes.

I usually KNOW exactly what I will make for Mother’s day.

But when it comes to Father’s day,  I find myself STRUGGLING to come up with fun ideas.

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father's day handyman tools cupcakes 4

I used a candy mold to make these tools but I know some very TALENTED cake decorators who can make these freehandedly!

father's day handyman tools cupcakes 3
Here are some more DETAILS of Father’s Day handyman tools cupcakes…

They are mocha cupcakes covered in coconut cream chocolate frosting.

Then, they are topped off with handyman tools made of marshmallow fondant or you can use gum paste or even 50/50.

Full step by step picture tutorial can be found in one of my older posts HERE.

Anyways, here’s a cupcake topped off with a little plier…

father's day handyman tools cupcakes 2

And here’s another one with a screw driver…

father's day handyman tools cupcakes 5

And here’s one with a wrench…

father's day handyman tools cupcakes 8

And here’s a cupcake with a little hammer…

father's day handyman tools cupcakes 7

Among all the tools that I made, this one was my FAVORITE! 😀

It looks so real!

father's day handyman tools cupcakes 1

And finally, here’s one with a WEIRD ruler thing…

Seriously, what the heck is this even called?! lol!

I don’t think we even own one of these things but then again, I have never really been eager to check out Hubby’s tool box…HAHAH!

father's day handyman tools cupcakes 6
Well, that’s all for today.

I think these cupcakes would be GREAT for all the handymen fathers in our lives!

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Until next time, tata my lovelies 🙂

5 comments on “Father’s Day Handyman Tools Cupcakes”

  1. These are crazy amazing! I love them–and I’ll bet any dad would love them too.

  2. I don’t generally go in for overly decorated cakes, but these are absolutely adorable. Just love those tools.

  3. Hi this is the best gift ever for any handyman. My father is handyman they are the best handyman in the world they have done many big projects about carpentering. I would love to share this cupcake with them on their birthday!5 stars

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