After reading that title, you must be thinking I have gone CRAZY coz Easter is still a few weeks away...

YET, here I am am sharing an Easter treat! 

But, can you blame me? Wink

These bunnies are so darn CUTE that I simply couldn't wait to share them...heheh. 

Seriously look at their ADORABLE little blue faces. I end up saying "Awwwww" anytime I see them...haha.

The TUTORIAL for these can be found at Cake Journal. They are made from marshmallow fondant and I used them to decorate mini sprinkle cakes (chocolate flavor).

And don't worry, I haven't fogotten about St.Patrick's day. I know it's coming up soon and I have something fun to share with y'all.

Stay tuned for that next week BUT until then, enjoy my bunny tutorial Smile

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