How to Make Dracula Cookies (Vampire Cookies)

Learn how to make quick and easy Dracula cookies or vampire cookies for kids Halloween parties. All you need is fondant, edible markers and graham crackers!

Today, I am showing you how to transform graham crackers into DRACULA cookies or VAMPIRE cookies!

Lately, I have been OBSESSED with graham crackers.

Seriously, I find myself munching on them every 5 minutes. 

Thanks to my constant need for graham crackers, I ALWAYS have them in stock these days…hehe.

You can obviously make these Draculas on square shaped sugar cookies but I just used graham crackers because they are already nice and square…less work for me!

I used marshmallow fondant on my cookies and used homemade confetti sprinkles and edible marker for all the details. 

If you prefer royal icing, you can use than instead of fondant. 

I also made graham cracker Frankenstein cookies

Quick and Easy Dracula Cookies or Vampire Cookies

To make these Dracula cookies/ Vampire cookies, you will need the following SUPPLIES:

Graham crackers or square cookies
Square cutter (Same size as your cookie)
Heart cutter
White fondant
Black fondant
Corn syrup or water
Round confetti sprinkles
Black edible marker
Red edible marker
Rolling pin

These are the INSTRUCTIONS:

Step 1: Roll out white fondant and use the square cutter to cut out a piece.
Step 2: Brush corn syrup on top of the cookie.
Step 3: Place the fondant piece on top and stick it into place.
Step 4: Roll out black fondant and use square cutter to cut out a  piece.
Step 5: Use a knife to cut the entire piece in half and discard about an inch from the bottom.
Step 6: Press the heart cutter in the center and discard this heart piece.
Step 7: Brush some corn syrup on top of your cookie
Step 8: Stick the black piece here.
Step 9: Pinch the center point of the head to make it sharper.
Step 10: Draw little eyeballs on 2 round sprinkles.
Step 11: Stick them into place with corn syrup or water.
Step 12: Use a black marker to draw the mouth and fangs.
Step 13: Use a red marker to draw blood drops. Enjoy!

Easy Dracula Cookies or Vampire Cookies For Halloween Parties

Well, that’s all for today.

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Until next time, tata my lovelies!

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  1. These are just too cute!!

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