How to Marble Fondant

Learn how to marble fondant, using this quick and easy step by step tutorial! This simple cake decorating technique can be done in any color combination!

Today, I am showing you how to marble fondant. It’s an extremely easy way to decorate cakes.

The colors of this cake are so EARTHY that it’s perfect for Thanksgiving.

How to Marble Fondant

Variations of marble fondant:

  • To make pink marble fondant cake, use pink and white fondant and mix them together roughly and roll it out so that streaks of both colors are visible.
  • To make black and white marbled fondant, use black and white fondant mix them together roughly and roll it out so that streaks of both colors are visible.
  • To make rainbow marble fondant/ tie dyed fondant, use fondant in all the rainbow colors and mix them together roughly and roll it out so that streaks of all colors are visible.
  • To make gold marbled fondant, use dark and light shades of brown fondant and mix them together roughly and roll it out so that streaks of both colors are visible. Then, use a paintbrush to go over some streaks with edible gold paint.

Other Cake Decorating Tutorials:

Easy Marble Fondant Tutorial

How to marble fondant to look like water?

Use 3 shades of fondant to make blue marble fondant: dark blue, light blue and white. Blend them together roughly and roll it out so that the streaks of all three shades are still visible. Then, spread them on a frosted cake. This will look like ocean waves.

How to make marble effect icing?

Instead of fondant, you use a light and dark shade of the same color of icing. For example, to make green marble effect, you would use dark green and light green colored icings. Apply them on the cake randomly and smooth it with a spatula so that both streaks of colors are visible.

How to make marbled fondant cake/ marbled fondant icing?

Follow this SIMPLE step by step marbled fondant tutorial with pictures below.  


Light brown marshmallow fondant
Dark brown marshmallow fondant
Rolling pin 


I used light and dark shades of brown fondant since I was making brown marbled fondant. But, if you are making pink marbled fondant, for instance, you will use light and dark shades of pink fondant. Do you get the idea? 


  1. Prepare light and dark shades of brown fondant in equal quantities.  
  2. Roll both of them into long “sausage” shapes. Align them together.
  3. Start rolling them into a spiral and you will end up with something like this. Some people tend to just roll it out at this point. But, that gives a more spiral pattern on your fondant. It’s pretty cool but it doesn’t look marbled to me.  
  4. Now, just randomly squeeze it into a ball and knead it a little. Don’t knead too much. You should still be able to see streaks of both colors.
  5. Roll out that ball of fondant and you will have a marbled effect.
  6. Spread this over your frosted cake. Top it off with some Hershey’s Kisses and you are done.

How To Marble Fondant- Step by Step Process Shot

This technique is perfect for a marbled fondant wedding cake!

By the way, in case you wanted to know… This was a vanilla CAKE packed with pieces of little Kisses, filled/frosted off with FLUFFY buttercream icing and covered in marble brown marshmallow fondant and then decorated with more chocolate Kisses! YUM!

Here is a recipe card for the most amazing cake I have ever made! You guys NEED to make this cake ASAP! It’s THAT good! 

Hershey's Kisses Recipe Card

Well, that’s all for today. 

Until next time, tata my lovelies!

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  1. So, I read the ingredients of this recipe and was also wondering if the type of oil makes a difference? Meaning that if I don’t have light olive oil, can I use vegetable oil? Corn oil?

    • You can easily replace olive oil with vegetable oil, canola oil or corn oil. I would stay away from extra virgin oil, as it’s heavier and adds a distinct flavor to baked goods. Hope this helps 🙂

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