Easter bunny toppers

After reading that title, you must be thinking I have gone CRAZY coz Easter is still a few weeks away…

YET, here I am am sharing an Easter treat!Β 

But, can you blame me? πŸ˜‰

These bunnies are so darn CUTE that I simply couldn’t wait to share them…heheh.Β 

Seriously look at their ADORABLE little blue faces. I end up saying “Awwwww” anytime I see them…haha.

The TUTORIAL for these can be found at Cake Journal. They are made from marshmallow fondant and I used them to decorate mini sprinkle cakes (chocolate flavor).

And don’t worry, I haven’t fogotten about St.Patrick’s day. I know it’s coming up soon and I have something fun to share with y’all.

Stay tuned for that next week BUT until then, enjoy my bunny tutorialΒ :)

30 thoughts on “Easter bunny toppers

  1. Kate

    Hi Abeer,

    Just dropping you a quick line to thank you for mentioning me and my Rainbow Sprinkle Cake tutorial on Cake Journal – it made my day! Love your sweet bunny creation and am very much enjoying browsing your fabulous site. I’m so pleased to have discovered your wonderful and creative talent.

    Kate x

  2. Abeer

    @ Belinda…Oh yes! I am totally getting everyone in the mood for Easter :)
    @ Kayle… Hehehe. Yes! So adorable that i couldn’t eat them…lol
    @ CJ… Thanks hun… they turned out even better than I imagined πŸ˜€
    @ Beth… If i would have waited to share these any longer, i would have burst…heheh
    @ John… I agree! Holidays are so much fun and it’s even more fun to make themed desserts πŸ˜›

  3. Abeer

    @ Acacia… hahaha! Very cheeky πŸ˜‰
    @ Daniela… I wish Easter was here already too…hehe.
    @ Swathi… Thanks!
    @ Everylyne… The girl bunny was my favorite tooooo πŸ˜€
    @ Natalie… I am an adult too and I still love cute little things like these bunnies… I guess people like us never grow up…lol πŸ˜›
    @ Lisa… YES! Wayyyy too adorable to eat. My little bunnies are resting in a little plastic box. I couldn’t get myself to eat them…hahah

  4. Abeer

    @ Nancy… Awww! You are so sweet! I am ALWAYS in awe of your recipes and photographs… they simply blow me away!
    @ Kate… Your sprinkle cake was beautiful. I have been waiting to try it out on a cake and I am very pleased to hear I did justice to your original design :)
    @ Ella… I am a very non-patient person myself but somehow, i am very patient when it comes to cake decorating… odd…right? lol.
    @ Eftychia… i really hope your kids enjoy these! They can even help you make them coz the design is very simple…
    @ Raven…Oh how I envy you for having a real bunny! Aren’t they the most adorable little things ever?! πŸ˜€

  5. Abeer

    @ Katrina..Hehehe…. neither can I πŸ˜‰
    @ Blond duck… My favorite holiday is Halloween but I like Easter too coz of all the cute bunnies and little chicks I see floating around…lol
    @ CCU…Thanks Uru! I can’t believe Easter is almost here…
    @ I Wilkerson… Oh yes! You have to take that class… it’s so much fun πŸ˜€

  6. Abeer

    @ Yi… Thanks! i have a very heard time eating anything I make…lol. And these bunnies were impossible to eat. I felt like I would kill them if I took a bite…hahaha


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