Snowflake cookies

Have you guys heard of Zompaa magazineIf not, you REALLY should check it out.

It’s a FREE, online magazine focusing on recipes, cool articles and crafts.

Honestly, I think there is something in there for EVERYONE… from kids to parents to teachers!

Each issue focuses on a specific THEME.

The Winter issue was released in January and it was packed with stuff, relevant to New Year’s, new beginnings and Winter fun.

I decided to do something related to WINTER FUN Laughing

I know Winter can get dreadfully BORING for children coz they can’t go out and play at parks or go biking or rollerblading.

So, I shared an EASY and FUN tutorial for making these snowflake cookies with kids at home.

My tutorial can be found on page 26… All I used was store-bought cookies, marshmallow fondant, melted chocolate and sparkling sugar…EASY PEEZY! 

I am sure little girls would have a blast making these coz they are so SPARKLY…hehe.

My mom tells me that I was OBSESSED with shiny stuff as a kid…lol.

Were you ladies like that too? Come on now… don’t be shy. Do tell! Tongue out

Anyways, that’s all for today.

I hope you ENJOY this magazine… Happy reading everyone! Smile

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31 thoughts on “Snowflake cookies

  1. Coffee and Crumpets

    Yeah, I like shiny stuff too…like Kitchen Aid mixers, Breville tea kettles, food processors and so on…not to mention All Clad pans and…and…
    Great idea for kids these cookies. Mine would rather I do the work and they eat them…teenagers…

    Nazneen xx

  2. Abeer

    @ Wendy… Thanks! I am very flattered :)
    @ Denise & Laura… Glittery and shiny stuff is the best. My mom thinks I am refusing to grow up…lol
    @ Acacia… Thanks!
    @ Nazneen….Hahahaha! I guess my son would be like that too when he is a teenager…
    @ Kate… Thanks! I bet your little girls would go crazy for these ;)
    @ Sandra… I decided to share something easy that all kids can do. I hope your kids enjoy making these…

  3. Abeer

    @ Asmita… Thanks… hope you are enjoying your India trip :)
    @ Yummychunklet… And sparkly too ;)
    @ Evelyne… Hahaha. Looking at these cookies just makes Winter a little more bearable …right? :P
    @ Blond duck… Yes! They were pretty but I still ate them… can’t resist oreos…lol
    @ CCU…Heheh. That was a sweet visual description!
    @ John… Thanks!
    @ Kristi… They truly are perfect for Winter. I would much rather have these snowflake cookies rather than actual snow ;)

  4. Abeer

    @ Ella… You really have to make these for your next holiday party. I am sure your guest would love these :)
    @ Raven… I am not too fond of cookie decorating but these were actually fun!
    @ Hotly Spiced… Awww…That was such a sweet compliment. Yes! These would be perfect for Christmas time…
    @ Petit4chocolatier… Glad to hear you like them. All your creations are so pretty that i feel my cookies don’t even compare to your super talents!
    @ Daniela… I wasn’t sure of the colors at first but I m happy with this color combo. I don’t think any other color would have worked…
    @ Angie… Thanks hun :)

  5. Yi @ Yi Reservation

    if my younger sisters were here I would love to make these snowflake cookies with them. These cookies are just so cute to be eaten…but of course i have no doubt how delicious they are. Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. Abeer

    @ Swathi… I am happy to hear you like them :)
    @ Carolyn… Hahaha! You are soooo right… they do look like little jewels!
    @ Cass… Thanks hun…
    @ Natalie… lol. I had a hard time eating them too… they were just so pretty and sparkly that I kept admiring them…hehe
    @ Yi… Oh yes! Your sisters would have so much fun making these coz all girls love shiny stuff ;)


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