Easy dinosaur cookies tutorial

easy dinosaur cookies 9
Today, I am PARTICIPATING in a virtual baby shower for Katie from Clark’s Condensed, as she prepares for the arrival of her second child…Yay! She’s a very TALENTED blogger, an amazingly ... read more

Masala chai tea latte

It’s starting to get a little CHILLY here in Chicago (especially at nights!), reminding us that Winter is right around the corner *sighs* Thankfully, my dear hubby makes the best masala chai tea ... read more

Easy pumpkin donuts

easy pumpkin donuts 2
Up until two years ago, I WASN’T too fond of using pumpkin in my baking. But then, my friend made these pumpkin donuts for me and I was surprised by how good they tasted! Honest to goodness, they ... read more

Back to school apple pops cake

back to school apple pops cake
Remember those apple marshmallow pops I shared with you a few days ago? Well, I used them to decorate a very CUTE back to school apple pops cake. I only used the RED apple pops but you can use the green ... read more

Apple marshmallow pops

apple marshmallow pops 1
It looks like MANY kids have gone back to school this week. I have enrolled my little one in pre-school but he will start going there next week. He’s very EXCITED but I am kinda NERVOUS and still ... read more

How to make homemade brown sugar

how to make homemade brown sugar 5
It’s time for me to share another BAKING TIP! Today, I will be showing you how to make HOMEMADE brown sugar with just TWO ingredients! Yup… just two basic ingredients that you ALREADY have in your ... read more

Easy beach cake

easy beach cake
It’s been such a GLOOMY and RAINY Summer that we kept postponing our visit to the beach. But a few days ago, the sun was FINALLY out and SHINING brightly. So, we went to the beach and had a BLAST, ... read more

Be a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins!

Chocolate covered cherries

chocolate dipped cherries 3
The FIRST time I tried chocolate covered cherries was about 10 years ago. My dad had gotten this FANCY gift box of GOURMET fruits from some of his co-workers. He brought the box home for us to sample and ... read more

Strawberry oatmeal cookies

healthy strawberry oatmeal cookies 5
You guys all know I have a WEAKNESS for strawberries Over the years, I have used them to make so MANY tasty treats. There’s this Kit Kat and berry cake, which is just stunning! And then, ... read more

Chrysanthemum cookies

chrysanthemum cookies 03
Many of you know that I LIKE decorating with marshmallow fondant more than icing. But every once in a while, I get the itch to PLAY with royal icing For those of you who don’t know, royal icing is ... read more

Healthy chocolate avocado cookies

healthy chocolate avocado cookies 1
People ASSUME that since I make cakes, cupcakes and frostings all day, I am probably eating unhealthy stuff and weight a 1000 pounds…lol. I will be HONEST… I occasionally eat cakes and cupcakes ... read more

Ombre blue flower cake

blue ombre flower cake 9
I FIRST saw an ombre cake about two years ago on Pinterest. At that time, I DIDN’T know that ombre cakes would become such a HOT cake decorating trend! Ombre cakes are still so popular and I ... read more

A balanced diet is having a cake in one hand and a cupcake in the other!

Blueberry lime chocolate clusters

blueberry lime chocolate clusters 1
I seem to be on a lime KICK lately! I am starting to feel that I LIKE them even more than lemons coz they are more ZESTY. Or maybe I have just gotten bored of using lemons in baked goods and I like the ... read more

Blueberry lime cupcakes

blueberry lime cupcakes 10
Summer baking is so much FUN because you can use all sorts of delicious berries in your recipes. I LOVE berry season and blueberry cupcakes are my FAVORITE cupcakes to make, this time of the year! I ... read more

Crispy rainbow sugar cookies

crispy rainbow sugar cookies 4
I am going to keep today’s post short and sweet coz I feel really SICK after my road trip to Canada. Eating in that SHADY diner on my way back was definitely NOT a good idea :S Even though my stomach ... read more

S’mores party spoons

s'mores party spoons 2
I was first introduced to the OOEY GOOEY CHOCO-LICIOUSNESS of s’mores when when I was about 13 years old. Yup… Thirteen! I spent a big chunk of my childhood, NOT knowing what s’mores ... read more

Pull apart watermelon cupcakes

pull apart watermelon cupcakes 1
Summer just won’t be the same if we didn’t get to ENJOY watermelons. I was PLANNING on making watermelon cupcakes, using fresh watermelon juice. But then, my mind DRIFTED off and I ended up ... read more