I shared some of my OLD cake pictures last year but I found A LOT more on the computer yesterday that I couldn't find before...

I thought I would share ALL of these images as well since MANY of you tell me that cake decorating INTIMIDATES you and you can't imagine doing what I do...

You see...just like any BEGINNER, my early cakes were NOTHING special.

Some of them were downright AWFUL but I learnt from my MISTAKES in each cake that I made.

Here are 4 of my earliest cakes...YIKES!

Do you see that cake with a cupcake design? That was my FIRST decorated cake. It’s covered in CRUMBS coz I had no idea how to ice a cake…lol

And that cake with the house… I call it the “Leaning tower of Pisa” coz it’s about to COLLAPSE any second…haha. 

And how can we forget my purple cake a.k.a the “dented” cake… it had these odd HOLES all over!

And my first fondant cake with ROSES! Let’s just say that picture looks WAYYYYYY better than the actual cake. There was a BIG tear at the back which you can’t see…lol

Ready for some more??? ;)

In the beginning, I PRACTICED a lot on cupcakes and cookies since they are faster to bake and decorate than cakes.

And that led to some very UNUSUAL designs :S

For starters, can you guess which cupcake is the SHEEP in that collage up there? lol

Only my lovely dad figured out it was a sheep. Everyone else thought it was some sort of a MONSTER.

Here’s a hint… it’s in the top right section :P

And let's not even get started with my blue and yellow lady bug.. what the heck was I thinking? LOL!

Let's see some more.... ;)

Do you see that blue swirly cupcake? Doesn't that look like UNICORN poop? :S

And that green grassy cupcake...I think someone is having a BAD hair day! lol

I was very PROUD of these cupcakes back then...hehe. 

But now that I look at them again, I end up GIGGLING...hehe.

And here are a few MORE wacky designs...

But anyways… do you see what I mean?

I started off just like any other BEGINNER.

I made LOTS of mistakes, ended up DISAPPOINTED more times than I care to remember but I kept going and CONTINUED practicing.

I still have a LONG way to go but I am NOT giving up and neither should you :D

Honestly, DON'T get intimidated and just jump into it!

I am NOT going to lie and say decorating cakes is the easiest thing in the world.

But, it’s NOT the hardest thing in the world either like …ummm… let’s say, delivering a baby (OUCH!!!)…lol ;)

That was TRULY the hardest thing I have ever gone through! hahaha

I HOPE these wacky cake images of mine help you overcome your fear of cake decorating :)

Until next time, tata my lovelies!

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