How to make homemade confetti sprinkles

I got the idea for this posting when I was  in the baking aisle at Jewel.

I love colorful  sprinkles since they are such an easy way to dress up deserts.  But I find shelling out almost 4 bucks for a teeny tiny bottle of sprinkles to be totally insane!Surprised

Is it just me being cheap or do YOU guys also find those prices ridiculously HIGH?

While staring at those bottles, I kept thinking there had to be a cheaper alternative and finally, I figured out a way to make my own Laughing 

I can’t wait to share this technique with all of you!

Not only is this technique easy and  cheap but while playing around, I figured out you can make as many colors of confetti sprinkles as you want and even many different shapes.

So far, I have come up with three shapes: circle, oval and raindrop. I will keep you posted if I figure out any more Smile

UPDATE (14/Feb/2013): I have now come up with an easy way to make JUMBO HEART SPRINKLES too. 

Anyways, to make these confetti sprinkles, you will need the following supplies:

Marshmallow fondant or store-bought fondant
Rolling pin
Powdered sugar
Decorating tips (Wilton tip # 12, 230, 104)
Wax paper

And here are the steps: 

Step 1:
Use a rolling pin to roll out marshmallow fondant or store-bought fondant on a smooth surface sprinkled with powdered sugar.
You can also mix some gumpaste or some tylose powder with your fondant so that your sprinkles dry faster.
Let this rolled fondant sit for 10 minutes and become a little dry (I felt the next step became easier when I did this).

how to make homemade confetti sprinkles 2

Step 2:
Press Wilton’s decorating tip 12 into fondant and make tiny circle cut outs.

how to make homemade confetti sprinkles 3

Step 3:
Place these circles on a sheet of wax paper.
Let them dry for 24 hours or until they have completely hardened.
The drying time will vary, based on where you live and your weather conditions.
Once they are dry, put these sprinkles in a ziploc bag, jar or plastic container and store them at room temperature, away from moisture, humidity and sunlight.

DO NOT pack up these sprinkles before they have completely dried up and hardened.
DO NOT store these sprinkles in the fridge!

how to make homemade confetti sprinkles 4

Step 4:
If you want to make oval shaped sprinkles, use Wilton’s decorating tip 230 and follow the same steps as above.

how to make homemade confetti sprinkles 5

Step 5:
And if you want to make raindrop shaped sprinkles, use Wilton’s decorationg tip 104 and follow the same steps as above.
I found these ones to be the coolest!

how to make homemade confetti sprinkles 6

And that’s it! You have successfully made you own homemade confetti sprinkles.

Easy breezy…right?

So, this Valentine’s day, dress up your cupcakes in these homemade sprinkles.

Make them in shades of red and pink and you are good to go 😉

Well, that’s all for today…Tata my lovelies :)

78 thoughts on “How to make homemade confetti sprinkles

  1. kiek stevenson @ savor and nourish

    Awesome! I always love to hear about less expensive ways of doing things. And yes, I totally agree. It’s tough to spend $4 on little sugar bits!

  2. jara

    I totally agree that sprinkles seems waaaay overpriced for what you’re getting. I never buy it unless completely on sale and hardly at major supermarkets. such a fantastic idea with so many possibilities for shapes and colours. thanks for sharing!

  3. Eizel

    I agree with Kate – this is not exactly cheap because of the time it takes. But for enthusiasts like myself, I would definitely try this out. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Evelyne@CheapEthnicEatz

    Your confetti tutorial is just fabulous. I am so used to making cakes I never work much on the decoration but you are inspiring me now. Question form a fondant ignorant: how long will they keep in the stored bottle in the cabinet?

  5. Cakewhiz

    As long as the confetti was allowed to dry completely, you can let it sit in your cabinet for months. I have had some in my cabinet for 2 months and it still looks and tastes great.

  6. Medeja

    Good that some things you can make yourself, like these sprinkles. Prices of some things are really too high.. and the ones who sell them take advantage that people are too lazy to do things themselves :)) Little bit worse is with things that you cant make youself like nuts :S

  7. Kristen

    Those are great. I am not sure I would have the patience to make all of those tiny little sprinkles, but in a pinch, it’s great to know how to do it!!

  8. Chef Dennis

    what an excellent idea! Its hard to believe how much they charge in stores for something so simple…..making your own in the colors you want is a perfect solution!
    Thanks for such a great post!

  9. Trisha

    What a clever idea … Sprinkles are way to expensive … you get tiny little plunger cutters in various shapes … I guess you could make many more shapes using those!

  10. katiej

    This is a great idea! I want to make some jumbo confetti and create polka-dots on a buttercream covered cake. Do you think the confetti will melt? I have heard that fondant can melt when exposed to moist buttercream. Thanks!

  11. Abeer

    I have seen buttercream cakes with fondant accents… similar to what you want to do. They look very nice!

    I haven’t used these confetti sprinkles on a cake yet BUT I have used them on cupcakes covered in buttercream… didn’t have any problems at all. ]

    Hope that helps :)

  12. Gayle

    I haven’t tried this yet but am planning on it this weekend.. How do you keep the fondant from sticking to the tips? Sorry I’m new to fondant as well :(

  13. Lori

    Thanks so much! I have been trying to find just blue ones and having a terrible time. This is awesome and I will be using this idea!

  14. Hope

    This has got to be the most valuable post I’ve seen in a very long time. It’s going to save me so much time and money. Thank you so much for sharing!

  15. Lisa {Sweet 2 Eat Baking}

    Love, love, LOVE this post. I don’t use marshmallow fondant but it can be done with any fondant, I’m sure. I’ll be adding a little Tylo powder to harden them up a bit so they’re not too brittle. I may do all the colours of the rainbow so they can be stored away in little bottles. I mean, how hard is it to find black and orange sprinkles?! Problem sorted! 😀

    Thanks hunny.

  16. Katrina

    Love this. Thanks! I was looking for organic star sprinkles and coming up empty handed… looks like I can make my own now!

  17. Afreen

    This is brilliant. It’s so hard to get confetti in the colours needed..infact its hard to find confetti itself where I live
    . Thanks for letting the secret out 😀

  18. Cailynn

    LOVE!! How about dinosaurs?? I have been scouring the internet with no luck finding a tiny cutter. Any suggestions? Please and Thank You!!

    1. Abeer Rizvi Post author

      I haven’t seen tiny dinosaur cookie or fondant cutters. But, I got my son a play doh set and it had a small dino cutter. If you wash it in boiling water and use it only for fondant, you can easily use that to make little dino shapes. Hope this helps :)

  19. Linda

    How nice of you to share! I’ve done this to get custom colored sprinkles and it works great. I’ve also made custom colored jimmies by piping stripes of royal icing with a #2 tip, letting them completely dry and then cutting them into little pieces (1/8 inch or so).

    1. Linda

      I forgot to mention that I find a lot of really cool small cutters in the clay and jewelry making section of the craft stores. They work great on fondant!

  20. caro

    totally agree< so expensive where i live in Asia a little tiny bottle is about 17 dollars…so I have never even try to buy one. thanks a lot for the tip.


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