Tulip cookies

I keep telling my husband that whenever we buy our own little house, I am growing tulips… LOTS of tulips in every color possible! :D

I am sure my husband would much rather have us growing veggies but I DON’T see that happening…hahah :P

Seeing all the beautiful tulips blooming everywhere inspired me to make TULIP COOKIES.

I used my favorite orange sugar cookies and marshmallow fondant

But initally, I had a little problem…

You see… I DON’T own a tulip cutter :S

And y’all know I am a little CHEAP…right? lol ;)

There’s NO way I was gonna buy a pricey tulip cutter which I will RARELY use. 

Instead, I used basic cutters that I already own (and you probably own as well) to make these little beauties.

You can find my complete tutorial with step-by-step pictures for these tulip cookies at CakeJournal.

Well, that’s all for today.

Tata my lovelies :)

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