How to decorate cupcakes

Today, we are talking about cupcakes!

YUMMY  little delights with CREAMY chocolate buttercream icing!

I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like cupcakes!

They are just so soft and cute that no one can resist them.

And once you ice them in a buttercream design, they become even more IRRESISTIBLE 😉

how to decorate cupcakes 1

Two of the most COMMON requests I get from my lovely readers are:

“How do you make swirls on cupcakes?” AND “How do you make roses on cupcakes?” how to decorate cupcakes 2

I decided to answer those questions today.

Plus, I thought it would be a GOOD idea to show you a bunch of different DESIGNS that I use to decorate cupcakes as well :)

Rather that do a picture tutorial, I did a VIDEO TUTORIAL with the hopes that everything would be more clear.

how to decorate cupcakes 4

I am a little camera- shy.

So, you CAN’T see me but you can see my hands 😛

I still need to learn a few things about filming a video properly…lol.

So, please PARDON the shadows and random jerks and movements in the video.

I promise my next video will be much BETTER 😉

But for now, sit back and enjoy this video tutorial on how to decorate cupcakes…

By the way, these are vanilla cupcakes and I am frosting them with chocolate buttercream icing.

It’s always NICE to have a handy guide.

So, I took this picture with different cupcake designs and their corresponding decorating tips.

how to decorate cupcakes using different wilton tips

Well, that’s all for today.

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Until next time, tata my lovelies! 

50 thoughts on “How to decorate cupcakes

  1. Anne@FromMySweetHeart

    Abeer…that was such a fabulous tutorial! I love tip 2D cuz it’s so ruffly! But I have to tell you that you taught me something today. I’m really looking forward to using 366 to make those pretty flower petals! Great job! Oh..and when my boys were eating solids but not finger foods yet, I got a mini food processor and basically ground up exactly what I was eating. They were still picky about some things, but at least I could introduce them to the way we normally ate. Hope this helps and thanks again for such a great video! (I’m hungry now for chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting!)

  2. Acacia

    I love your fabulouse cupcakes! Your range of tips is pretty impressive, I may have to borrow a few from Mum… Unfortunatly the video isn’t working for me, but the photoes look very impressive.

  3. What's Baking??

    ooohh you make me wanna lick all the frosting from the cupcakes..yum..I know it can be mind boggling to prepare food for little tots. Try give him steam apple. My son used to love it when he first start to sample all types of flavors in his food.

  4. Asmita

    Hi Abeer,
    I love the video! You are incredibly talented and I love the way you have decorated the cupcakes. Truly inspiring!
    Can you please show me how you make the frosting.

  5. jenbeans

    Very professional. Is there anyway to do it without a piping bag and tips, like a modified zip-seal bag?

    Some foods to try with your son: sweet potatos, acorn squash (nice and sweet :), taro, peach, blueberries?


    wow simply awesome video….i loved it.

    Well for my son I made khichdi out of everything, rice, daal and mixed veggies all cooked together, flavored with garlic n finely miced corriander leaves….my guy prefers tasteful dishes :-)
    Or else oatmeal, he loves all fruits, steamed and cubed carrots, potatos, beans…make eating fun…mayb then he will be more interested….but for me initially it was exactly like how you mentioned, 1hr min for a feeding :-) Good luck!

  7. Nami | Just One Cookbook

    I am so ammused by your video tutorial! You do it so easily that I’m almost convinced that I can do it (I’ve never done it before) but I know it’s not so easy to do it until I get hang of it. So interesting that the decoration changes depends on the tip and the way you move it. Very helpful post especially for a beginner like me!!

  8. Wendy Irene

    I loved your video! It was so much fun to watch how you create all the different looks. I think the easiest way for me to learn is by watching. I need to make some cupcakes soon. I really feel like eating one after watching that 😉
    Good luck with feeding your baby. Feeding babies takes soooooooo long!! I remember it took me forever. They are really funny too because as soon as you think they like something they change their mind. I think I started with baby ground cereal, and after that apples and pears. I do know when my kids were truly hungry they ate a lot better, and when they were not they would spit most of it out. Sending Mommy hugs :)

  9. Ginza/Thoma

    Wow, what do I say! Fabulous pics, awesome video, and so much effort went into it all…congratulations Abeer. Really appreciate it!

    Kids are picky eaters…till about five. You’ve to put up with that. Sometimes whatever different stuff you try they don’t take it and you end up getting frustrated. Just let it be…he’ll change…don’t tax yourself so much. Most times it doesn’t help.

  10. Ruth

    They look beautiful!! Cupcake decorating tutorial is always welcome :-) Now, concerning your baby ( I am not a mom,yet), I think he is probably picky because he is getting used to textures, they said you have to try the same foods several times in order to really know if he likes them or not. Just my humble opinion, hope it helps :-)

  11. RavieNomNoms

    When I was little my dad used to make "icky" faces when he was feeding me things that he didn’t like, so did my mom. However, only the ones my mom didn’t like stuck with me! haha

    Thanks so much for the tutorial! Such a great teacher!

  12. Sawsan@chef in disguise

    Loved the video Abeer, you do it with such ease and are truly talented :)
    As for starting solids, try to offer him the same thing for 3 days then introduce something different
    Sometimes it takes them time to accept a new taste and other times they hate the color or consistency. It does indeed take time but once he accepts the idea of solids, you will begin to notice favorites

  13. Hannah

    I almost always go with the standard swirl, either with a plain round or star tip. Thanks for reminding me that there’s so many more beautiful options out there! Your tutorial is inspiring me to try something new.

  14. henna

    I love the video! It’s so informative! As for your son, I feel your pain sister. My 16 month old son is the same way. He’s been giving me such a hard time lately when it comes to eating. I recently made some sooji ki kheer and so far he’s been enjoying that, along with the other foods i’ve been trying to feed him. I guess you just have to keep trying different things.

  15. Tiffany

    I love the diagrams! And yes, only a freak of nature doesn’t like cupcakes! LOL…. Sorry, I have no babies… but I send you positive energy that feedings become easier soon! HUGS!

  16. I Wilkerson

    Wow what a great guide! I have a lot of tips but almost never take them out–this may help my courage! If it makes you feel any better, even little ones who eat everything may outgrow that–I remember my oldest chowing down baby beets and she won’t touch one now!

  17. kitchenriffs

    I love these tips! I’m so bad at decorating, but that’s partially because I never do it. One of those chicken and eggs things – how do I ever get better if I’m so bad I won’t try?! Really excellent post – thanks.

  18. Kate@Diethood

    I am bookmarking this tutorial! I can bake a cupcake, but I suck at piping :)

    M little one only liked jarred pears, carrots and sweet potato. She hated all the cereals and only drank apple juice.

  19. Sandra's Easy Cooking

    Wow…I am so impressed! If I had just a bit of talent in decorating, but unfortunately I have none:)
    With all the bag-tips for decorating that I have I always menage to make huge mess LOL! Thanks for sharing, great post, amazing pictures and fantastic video!!!


    Wow, that was very interesting to learn, am impress to get myself attached to this very lesson. i won’t wait to start my cup-cake decoration. thanks Abeer, wish to be as talented as you. Bye…

  21. Humera

    WOW…. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR BLOG,Came across it about 2 hours ago and haven’t been off it since!Can’t wait to try out your recipes and icing techniques, really cool. Thanx for sharing!

  22. Leslie

    Interesting video! Have you considered doing an update? It would be helpful to see a video in better lighting and also with a light colored frosting. Shadows on chocolate make it hard to see. Also instead of music, would love to hear you explain what you are doing – show what the tip looks like, explain what angle to hold, how much pressure, etc. Cupcakes are one of my favorite things to bake, so Im familiar with using these tips, but for someone who hasn’t tried it, it can seem intimidating. (People have been so impressed with my cupcake frosting, they don’t understand how easy it is, haha!). Just a thought that for someone nee, it would help to hear instructions and see better.

    PS – Enjoyed poking around the rest of your blog – lots of great ideas and recipes!


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