Easter chick cupcakes

Easter is only a week away and I really wish I could have started my Easter baking sooner but I have been so busy making cakes for family and friends that I couldn’t get a chance.

I can’t wait to share pictures and tutorials of those cakes with you lovely folks but that will have to wait for another posting….

For now, allow me to share my Easter cookies. I was thinking of making bunnies but quite frankly, I find chicks cuter…lol.

I made two types of chicks…. hatching ones and baby ones. 

Which do you like more? My husband and I  like the hatching ones.

They make me smile anytime I look at them….heheh

To make these cuties, you will need the following supplies:

Chocolate cupcakes
Chocolate sugar cookies
Marshmallow fondant (yellow, white)
Buttercream icing (green)
Royal icing or glace icing or corn syrup
Powdered sugar
Lollipop sticks
Rolling pin
Sharp knife
Big oval cutter
Small oval cutter
Big circle cutter
Confetti sprinkles
Black edible marker
Yellow sparkling sugar 

And here are the steps:

Step 1:
Roll out yellow fondant on a surface covered in powdered sugar.

Powdered sugar prevents fondant from sticking to the counter top.

chick cookie 2

Step 2:
Bring out your chocolate cookie pops.

Brush some glace icing or royal icing or even some corn syrup on top of your cookie pops.
Make sure it’s a thin coating.

chick cookie 3

Step 3:
Place this sticky side on top of the fondant and hold it in place.

Use a knife to cut around the cookie.

chick cookie 4

Step 4:
Fold fondant inward and smooth out the sides with your hands.

chick cookie 5
Step 5:
Dab your finger in some shortening and run it on  top of your fondant covered cookie to clean off all that powdered sugar.

This will be your chick’s body.

chick cookie 6

Step 6:
To make wings, cut out oval shapes using the smallest cutter from Wilton’s oval cutter set.

chick cookie 7

Step 7:
Brush some water on the sides and stick these ovals there.

chick cookie 8

Step 8:
Bring out green and blue confetti sprinkles.

With a dab of water or icing stick them where you want the eyes to be. 
Use black edible marker to draw black eye balls.
These chicks looked so darn FREAKY without eye balls :S lol

chick cookie 13

Step 9:
For the beak, cut out small orange colored diamond shape and stick it below the eyes, using some water or icing.

Gently press the back of your knife at the center of this diamond to refine the beak.

chick cookie 15

Step 10:
Brush some water on the wings and sprinkle yellow sparkling sugar.

And you are done with your baby chick.

chick cookie 17

Step 11:
If you want to make hatching chicks, cut out a circle using the medium circle cutter from the Wilton set and then cut this circle in half using a knife.

This will be the egg shell.

chick cookie 12

Step 12:
Use a knife to cut out jagged edges near the top of this egg shell.

chick cookie 11

Step 13:
Stick this egg shell near the bottom of the cookie using some water or icing. 

chick cookie 9

Step 14:
Smooth out the sides using your finger.

chick cookie 10

Step 15:
Now, make eyes just like you did before using confetti sprinkles and a black edible marker.

chick cookie 14

Step 16:
Make the beak same way as well.

And you are done with your hatching chick 😀

chick cookie 16

Step 17:
You can enjoy these cookie pops as is.

But if you want to to do what I did, then push your chick cookie pop into a cupcake.
The lollipop stick prevents this cute chick from toppling over.
If your lollipop stick are too long, cut them off slightly with sharp scissors.  

chick cookie 18

Step 18:
Fill a piping bag with green icing and attach the “grass” tip or the “star” tip.

And pipe grass on top of the cupcake.

chick cookie 19

You can use Wilton’s tip 18  to make this “starry” grass

chick cookie 20

Or you can use Wilton’s tip 233 to make this “stringy” grass

chick cookie 21

Though initially my plan was to just make cookie pops that look like chicks,  I think it’s cool to use them as cookie toppers.

This way, you get to enjoy a cupcake and a cookie 😀

Plus, I think think these cookie toppers beat paper toppers 😛

Hope you make these for your Easter party!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

53 thoughts on “Easter chick cupcakes

  1. thoma

    you never cease to heart blow me…fantastic is an undertone…wht do i say Abeer? CONGRATULATIONS ON THESE BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS! chk out handiscakes.blogspot.com for exceptional cakeart!

  2. Becky

    I love the little hatching chicks, just waiting to say Cheep! Cheep! Y our are so talented and anyone would want some of cookie pops/cupcakes in their Easter Basket!

  3. Deborah

    What a cute idea. I love the idea of using a cookie as a cupcake topper. These would be cute for easter, or babyshower or even a birthday party.

  4. Plateful

    How or where do you come up with such cool ideas, ah!!? Loved them all- the decorated cake pops as well cookie topping. I wish I could make them as easily to impress my kids, let’s see..:) Thanks a ton for the inspiration!

  5. Caroline

    Oh my gosh, I am obsessed with these cupcakes. They’re absolutely adorable! Great work with the fondant. I’ve yet to try working with it yet, but want to try soon!


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