Cookie cake

Have you guys EVER heard of “The cookie department”??? 

If you are a cookie lover, you REALLY should check them out!

I usually DON’T buy cookies coz I LOVEEEE home-made ones. 

But, these cookies taste just like the ones we make at HOME 😀

That’s probably because their ingredient list is so “PURE.”

For starters, these cookies have NO refined sugars, NO GMO’s, NO trans fat and NO artificial flavors! WOOHOO! 😀

And best of all, I can pronounce ALL the words on that list…lol.

There are NO crazy and scary scientific names that FREAK me out…hehe :S

Even my picky 1 year old APPROVES 😉

Since I know exactly what’s in these cookies, I DON’T feel guilty giving them to him :)

As of now, these cookies are only available in SOME stores.

But, you can order them online and trust me, it will be the best money you ever spent 😉

There are 5 FLAVORS with very CUTE names:

1) Chocolate chip nookie- This was my little one’s favorite. It contains “maca,” which is considered to be a “superfood” and boosts vitality.

2) Tough cookie- Perfect for peanut butter lovers everywhere. It also contains 10 grams of whey protein and really FILLS you up.

3) Great full- Made with sweet potatoes and cranberries and is packed with anti-oxidants. This cookie is also VEGAN and probably the best vegan cookie I have ever had!

4) Snap back- This is a spiced ginger cookie and was unfortunately my least favorite. I like a subtle spice in my cookies and I found these to be TOO spicy.

5) Awaken Baked- An espresso cookie, which is my FAVORITE! It’s made from 1 full cup of coffee!!! How COOL is that?! 😀

With ALL that being said, do you know the BEST thing you can make with these cookies?!

A COOKIE CAKE, of course 😉

OMG…It’s to die for!

This is what you need to do:

Step 1:
Pick out three cookies and they should be the same flavor.

Step 2:
Smear a bunch of Nutella on top of each cookie or peanut butter or jam or whatever you like…hehe.

Step 3:
Stack the cookies on top of one another. 

Step 3:
Top it all off with some sprinkles and peanuts. 

Step 4:
Prior to eating, pop this in the microwave for a few seconds (about 15 seconds) to soften it up and ENJOY!

Now, get some of these cookies ASAP and make yourself an outrageous COOKIE CAKE 😀

Until next time, tata my lovelies…

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