Chocolate Oreo Cake

I have a confession to make…

Well, more like CONFESSIONSSSS (plural)…lol

Promise me you won’t judge… ok???

I SNEAK into the kitchen in the middle of the nights to eat Oreos! :S

I also STOCK up on those special edition Oreos!

And I DON’T like to share them with my hubby…lol!

During one of my midnight Oreo binges, a thought occurred to me: “If Oreos taste so good on their own, they must be killer good in a cake.”

Well, that thought LINGERED in my mind all night…

And the first thing I did in the morning was whip up this this chocolate Oreo cake!

Then, I smothered it in CREAMY chocolate frosting and TOPPED it all off with crushed Oreos and fresh STRAWBERRIES…

Drooooool 😉

This cake was OUTRAGEOUSLY delicious! 

And I have shared the recipe over at CakeJournal. So, hop on over and check it out :)

Until next time, take care my lovelies :)

15 thoughts on “Chocolate Oreo Cake

  1. Suzie

    Oh yes, I do love some oreos! The cake looks so perfect and I’m sure it tastes super. Your creativity in the cake world amazes me :)

  2. Lindsay Fernandez

    Why, oh, why would you put up such sinful recipes? Chocolate oreo cake! And as if that isn’t enough, you go and put up graphic pictures. I mean, what are you? Are you the resident sadist or something, out to lure poor, misguided chocoholics or what? And it’s not only this, it’s about all those other cakes, cookies, the lot…what can a simple soul do but dig in? Absolutely chocolicious and delicious is all I can say…keep up the good work…


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