I can’t believe we are so close to Christmas! Can you believe that?

This year went by SOOOO fast!

It seems like I blinked and the year is almost over…lol

winter cake with snowman penguins and igloo 1

Last year, I made a “Winter Wonderland” cake for my husband’s Christmas work party. But, I wasn’t able to share these pictures coz I couldn’t find them in any of my folders! Sad smile

Today, however, I miraculously found them… WOOHOO! I was so happy that I was practically jumping! hahah

winter cake with snowman penguins and igloo 14

My favorite part of this cake was seeing the cute penguins getting ready for a snow fight…hehe.

Or maybe the penguins used all those snowballs to make a snowman.

It’s open to interpretation…lol Smile with tongue out

winter cake with snowman penguins and igloo 12

The tutorial to make the snowman can be found here. The only change I made was instead of a striped scarf, I made a red scarf.

The tutorial to make the penguins can be found here. The only change I made was adding red Christmas hats.

Here is the tutorial for the Christmas trees (I just prepared  this tutorial today and I have run out of the green gel coloring that I used last year. So, I used whatever green color I had on hands):

Step 1:
Make a cone shape out of green fondant. I use marshmallow fondant which I make myself. It tastes excellent!

Step 2:
Use a small pair of scissors and start “snipping.” I usually start snipping at the top and work my way down in columns.

Step 3:
Continue doing this all around your cone until your cone looks like a tree and you are done!

You can even add some fondant presents under the tree if you like Winking smile

how to make a fondant christmas tree tutorial

Here are some more details of this cake…

- The cake was rectangular shaped and vanilla flavored. I used my favorite  vanilla cake recipe (great for cupcakes and mini cakes too!). I had colored the batter red and green just to make it more festive. 

- I frosted the entire cake in white chocolate buttercream icing and sprinkled shredded coconut all over to make it look like snow!

- The igloo was made from a dome shaped cake, covered in icing and then white fondant.  Then, I used a knife to make indentations, which made it look like blocks of ice.

- The snowballs are just balls of white fondant.

If you have all those figures made beforehand, this cake is not hard to put together at all…

Just bake the cake, frost it, sprinkle desiccated coconut and place all the fondant pieces on the cake! Give your cake a good steam with a steam iron and you are done!

winter cake with snowman penguins and igloo 18

Pardon the quality of these pictures. I was pregnant, nauseous and very tired when I made this cake and I was in no mood to do a photo session…hehe

Anyways, that does it for today. Hopefully, this cake will inspire  you to make a “Wintery” and “Christmassy” treat too Open-mouthed smile

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