Each year, Halloween rolls around and I see Oreo spider cookies all over the blogosphere and they are so darn CUTE!!!!

But, I never made them before. Can you believe that?! Sheesh!

halloween spider cookies 25

This year, I told myself to make them no matter what… coz honestly, how can you resist something SOOO adorable?! hehe

halloween spider cookies 17

But, I wanted to add my own touch to these cookies…

I still wanted them to look like spiders but even cuter and girly with sprinkles…hahah.

halloween spider cookies 26

And Voila…

These itsy bitsy spider cookies were so precious that I was having a hard time biting into them…hahaha!

halloween spider cookies 11

I think these are the easiest Halloween treats I have ever made.

Just follow these steps to make your own little spiders…

Step 1:
Open Nutter Butter cookies so that you are left with a creamy side and a non-creamy side.

spider cookies 1

Step 2:
Pour a blob of melted chocolate on the creamy cookie.
Cut up some some licorice ropes with scissors and stick them on the chocolate blob. These will be the legs of the spiders.

spider cookies 3

Step 3:
Then,  cut out a “u” shape with red licorice rips. This will be the tongue of the spiders.

spider cookies 4

Step 4:
Stick this onto the melted chocolate too.

spider cookies 5

Step 5:
Now, press the non-creamy side of the cookie on top until it sticks into place.

You will need to work fast before the chocolate hardens.

spider cookies 6

Step 6:
Pour another blob of melted chocolate on top of the cookie.

spider cookies 7

Step 7:
Cover this melted chocolate with sprinkles.
Use some more melted chocolate to stick m&m on top of the sprinkles. These will be the eyes of the spiders.

spider cookies 9

And you are done!

I told you making these was the easiest thing ever Winking smile

halloween spider cookies 24

Btw, do you want to hear a “corny” joke? I found this one quite funny…lol Smile with tongue out

Hubby didn’t even crack a smile when I told him this joke… what the heck is wrong with him??? lol

halloween spider cookies 15

Anyways, It’s been fun blogging about Halloween treats this month. 

Here is a recap…

Frankenstein and Jack O’ Lantern marshmallow pop cupcakes

marshmallow pop toppers for halloween

Chocolate spider web cupcakes

spider webs on cupcakes for halloween

Twizzler and candy cake

twizzler and candy cake for halloween

I hope all of you make something cute and spooky on the 31st.  After all, Halloween comes only ONCE  year Smile

Before I head out, I just wanted to let you guys know that I would be busy with family- related stuff next week and I won’t be able to post anything.

But, don’t worry… I will be back with a new posting very soon Open-mouthed smile

Until then, tata my lovelies…

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