Do you know who I consider to be a “pro” at making cake pops?! Bakerella!!!! She is the queen of cake pops and all her creations are mind blowing! However, I admit that some of her cake pop creations are time-consuming… gorgeous but time-consuming with so many little details!

And let’s be honest… there are days when we are short on time and making extravagant cake pops is out of the question. So, I thought I would share some easy ways to decorate cake pops just like these…

various cake pops 15

Nothing fancy with special cutters or fondant but the end result is still tasty and cute!

I bet you probably have these ingredients in your kitchen already… mini chocolate chips, sesame seeds, almonds, peanuts, shredded coconut, colored sugar and even colorful sprinkles.

various cake pops 12

These toasted sesame seed cake pops were my favorite! I think toasting the sesame seeds was a good call…it gave these pops a very distinct flavor and aroma!

The soft cakey center, the creamy chocolate and the crunchy sesame seeds …I swear it was like a party in my mouth! lol

various cake pops 18

And these coconut cake pops were darn good too! Yummmmm

various cake pops 19

Here are the instructions:

Step 1:
Prepare cake pops using the tutorial I posted HERE.

Toast a cup each of peanuts, almonds and sesame seeds separately. Use a rolling pin to crush the almonds and peanuts.

I placed everything (mini chocolate chips, colorful sprinkles, crushed almonds, crushed peanuts, colored sugar, sesame seeds and shredded coconut) on a single plate but it’s better to put all these ingredients in separate containers. That way, it’s easier to cover cake pops in them.

various cake pops 1

Step 2:
Melt chocolate and use a spoon to pour it over the cake pop…

various cake pops 3

until the cake pop is fully covered in chocolate.

various cake pops 6

Step 3:
Before this chocolate hardens, sprinkle almonds or any other topping of your choice over the pop.

various cake pops 7

And that’s it… you are actually done! Didn’t take too long… did it? Smile with tongue out

Easy peezy…

various cake pops 10

And still so pretty! Winking smile

various cake pops 11

Well, I am off to the park now with my little one… stay safe everyone Smile

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