Helloooo everyone!!! I am so excited to be back. My absence from the blogosphere is finally coming to an end as I resume blogging.  About time... Eh?! I checked the archives and my last proper posting was on 25th September 2011. Sheesh!!!!

So much has happened since then. For starters, hubby and I welcomed our first child into the family.... A beautiful baby boy!


Even through his feedings and crying fits and diaper changes, he brightens our day with his smile and melts our heart with his "cuteness"...lol

I can't get over how tiny he is with his little hands and feet...hehe

baby feet

For this posting, I wanted to make a baby- themed cake but I wasn't sure what to make when it finally hit me... Babies cry ALOT!

When they are hungry... they cry
When they poop... they cry.
Even when they are bored... they cry. Heheh.

So, why not make a crybaby cake??? It seems like the perfect choice. And voila...

crying baby cake final 1 resized

 I think it turned out pretty cute... What do you think?

crying baby cake final 2 resized


Overall, this cake was fairly simple to prepare and didn't take up a lot of time. Thank god for that since it will  be challenging to decorate cakes that are time-consuming with a little one now. After all,  his needs come first :)

crying  baby cake final 4 resized 

Here are the steps for you to make your own:

Step 1:
Bake a cake and let it cool. Then, cover it in frosting and  brown fondant. This will be the face of the baby.

crybaby cake 1 fixed

Step 2:
For the ears, cut out two “moon-like” cardboard pieces. Make sure they are about the same size.

crybaby cake 2 fixed

Step 3:
Brush a thin layer of royal icing or corn syrup on these cardboard pieces and then cover them in brown fondant.

Use a glue gun to attach a toothpick behind each cardboard ear.

crybaby cake 3 fixed

Step 4:
Press these toothpicks on either sides of your cake. Now, your baby has ears!

crybaby cake 4 fixed

Step 5:
Our baby had lots of hair when he was born and I wanted this baby cake to have some hair too…lol.

For this, roll out black fondant into a “snake” form and then arrange it in a spiral shape. Stick a toothpick at the base.

crybaby cake 5 fixed

Step 6:
For the nose, make a ball using some brown fondant.

crybaby cake 6 fixed

Step 7:
For the mouth, cut out a black circle, a red leaf and two small white squares. Use an edible marker to draw a line on the red leaf like I did.

crybaby cake 7 fixed

Step 8:
Now, brush some water behind each fondant piece and assemble it the way I did.  Your baby’s mouth is now complete!

crybaby cake 8 fixed

Step 9:
I forgot to take a picture when I made the eyes. But to make those, just cut out a “V” shape using black fondant and bend the ends downward. 

To put everything together, brush some water behind the mouth, nose  and eye pieces and stick them onto the cake.

NOTE: Don’t worry about all the white powdered sugar on the cake. Once you are done, you can steam the cake and the white marks will disappear.

crybaby cake 9 fixed

Step 10:
Push the hair piece on the top of the cake.

NOTE: Don’t worry about all the white powdered sugar on the cake. Once you are done, you can steam the cake and the white marks will disappear.

crybaby cake 10 fixed

And your crying baby cake is done! So, next time you need a fun cake for a baby shower or any baby event....give this a shot. I am sure your friends will have a good laugh :P

crying baby cake final 3 resized

That's about it for now... Have a great weekend everyone!

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